Finslly Achieved Newbie Nirvana

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  1. This morning, after a few weeks of double edge shaving, I feel I have reached newbie nirvana. I used my Edwin Jagger 89 with a Derby blade and Van Der Hagen glycerin soap. The only difference between prior shaves and this one is thick lather, which definitely protected the skin better. Surprisingly, the blade was on its second go-round. I had been tossing blades after one shave. It was not necessary this time. After a lot of different techniques learned here, plus some trial and error on my part, I achieved a smooth shave with no cuts, nicks or weepers.
  2. Congrats, keep up the good work!
  3. Congratulations! As a fellow newbie, I will attest to the fact that persistence, patience, and practice with technique pays off in the long run. :biggrin1:
  4. Congrats, I know how you feel. I just reached that "level" of shaving myself. Occasionly I get BBS (Though I havent mastered it on my jaw/jawline yet) But I will get there in time. Just like you, I think I have found my go-to cream and aftershave setup that works for me. Great feeling indeed!
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    Welcome aboard and congratulations. Interesting that you mentioned making this discovery whilst having your second shave with a blade- many members believe that the second shave is smoother than the first. Keep at it!
  6. Congrats and welcome!
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    Good to hear!
  8. Congrats! It gets better and better and there's a lot to learn from the more experience folks here at B&B!
  9. Nice, depending on the blade I get better shaves on the 2nd day,
  10. Very nice, good for you. Also welcome.
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    Glad to hear it. It must be in the Florida air. :biggrin1:
  12. I aspire to "newbie nirvana" :001_cool:
  13. Gratz! Now is time to get yourself a blade sampler and start testing out some new blades. Might find something that performs even better than the Derbys.
  14. The nirvana continues. I am realizing that thicker lather offers more protection. Before that I was using a watery blend, believing that the extra moisture was needed to keep the whiskers soft. That did nothing to cushion and minimize friction. I am seeing that with the CO Bigelow (Proraso) whipped up with a brush in a little bowl, with a small, small amount of water is all I need.

    I got three shaves with a Derby blade and changed it for a new one. I might have squeezed in a fourth but for what they cost it was not worth it to push the limits of this blade's endurance.

    I have some Astra blue that should arrive any day now.

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