Female getting a shave in India

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  1. I don't know if anyone else would find this interesting, but in this Youtube video, a barber in India shaves Christiane Amanpour, a female correspondent. The barber has rather good technique, too. Her shave starts at about 2:53 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QTovl5DaMc&feature=related

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    How funny is it that the barber has a beard.:tongue_sm
  3. Interesting video, but I don't think that's Amanpour.
  4. I think THE Christiane Amanpour of CNN is a bit older than that lady.
  5. Always interesting to see the shaving videos that pop up on here. This one stands out as pretty unique.
  6. Fascinating video. I must admit, though, I was a bit disappointed to see that the barber was shaving her face.
  7. Yeh, another video I'll have to watch when I have the time, and I'm on a computer with sound.
  8. Ha ha ha. I think I've been to that exact barber shop! It's in McLeod Ganj (a village up from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh). My wife and I lived there for 3 months in 2007. It was one of the best haircuts I ever had. For my birthday I got my haircut and bought some doughnuts... I didn't get a shave, though.

  9. You have to listen closely, but her last name is Amanpouribaji. Not sure if I spelled it right, but there you go.
  10. :lol::lol:

    I don't know about India, but in Turkey and Morrocco i've had some nice shaves,but i took my own stuff...
  11. Great video! Though I very much doubt my good lady wife would be brave enough to undergo the same treatment. And even if she did, that smiling Sikh would have to pedal for hours before arriving at an edge that could slice through her stubble. Only kidding, Mrs N! (half an hour, tops)
  12. Weird video - Googling Christiane Amanpour definitely shows a different person than who's in this video - though already pointed out she varies the name somewhat - so... who is this person and what was the point of this video?
  13. I think I'm in love :001_tt1: Wonder if she fly fishes :tongue_sm
  14. *Ba-dum-BUM* Pssh! :lol:
  15. That has to be the ultimate fight in the women's battle for equality of rights with men: the right to get a nice and luxurious shave like any men can enjoy :biggrin:
  16. Too funny!
  17. I'm confused.:confused: Do women in India have that much facial hair? :eek:

  18. Interesting staging...what was up with the guy on the pedal flywheel grinding away on some knife. As to imply that blade would be used for the straight razor shave. Hard to see, but it looked like a disposable blade in the razor.
  19. At least not THE Amanpour. Besides if you listen to it closely she definitely has more to say than just Amanpour.

    Eh, its kind of like Mechanics so many great car mechanics seem to drive beater POS's. Maybe in his case it just means he's a great barber.
  20. Okay, I have seen too many posts about how she doesn't look like Amanpour. Of course she isn't. She is making a joke. She says her name is Amanpuribaji, Puri is a kind of fried bread, Baji is an Indian fritter. It's just a joke. Like pretending she's a CNN correspondent.


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