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  1. Out of sheer curiosity, do any of you have both a Darwin Deluxe and a Darwin Standard and if so, do they differ at all in the shave? I own a Darwin Deluxe but not a Standard and curiosity has gotten the better of me. My Deluxe is hands down the smoothest, most effective DE I have ever tried and wondered if the Standard was similar. Thanks for your time.
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  3. You know Alex, I found that thread (I even posted in it) right after I started this. I notice Intrigued has both and that the Standard holds blades looser than the Deluxe but my actual question is "Is the shave itself different?". Meaning the effectiveness/aggressiveness/insert PC term here. To word it differently using a Gillette adjustable as a model, is the Deluxe a setting 9 and and a Standard a setting 5. Intrigued doesn't say how the actual shave is...just that the Deluxe holds blades better. Just trying to satisfy my curiosity but thanks for you reply.
  4. Intrigued may not be able to give you the kind of perspective on performance you are looking for since Intrigued is a woman. Of course, I could be totally wrong and Connie may have a wicked cool beard to use her Darwin on!

    (My apologies, Connie, if I offended. I was just having a vivid picture in my head of a lovely creature shaving her beard off. LOL!)
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    No offense taken and no beard to shave.... I did have a vivid dream once that I did have a full bread in though... :blink: ... if it helps draw the picture, I'm 5'2'', blonde, and weigh 108 lbs. Not exactly a giant even among women.

    I do find the Deluxe and Standard shave the same for the areas I do shave. I also ask my husband if he noticed any difference between them when this question came up before. He also felt that there was no difference in the shave between the Deluxe and Standard.
  6. :cursing: You know, we need to have a way of telling what gender the user is behind the blog name! And now that you say it, I do remember that she is a woman and married because she has talked about that before. See what happens when you post and are tired! :blush:
  7. My apologies Connie for forgetting that you are the fairer sex. And I thank you for answering my question. Besides, I'm not sure anyone else on here owns more than one Darwin.
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    You beat me to it, I know she is Female, she is in my freinds list and i seen her prior posts.:wink2:
    true that

    I think Jake has a few of them, and he has shaved w them too. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/member.php/15286-Jake
  9. From what I can tell, what one wants is the Darwin model that shaves the best.

    And there's an easy answer to that: the Darwin that shaves the best is the one that one owns. If one has more than one, it's the one that one is using at the time. If one happens to not be using one's Darwin at a given time, the one that shaves the best is the one that one will use next, or alternatively the one that one used last, either one.
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    I'm so glad you cleared that up! :lol:

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