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  1. It’s hard enough to believe such a great Bay Rum is made in Nebraska but what makes it even tougher is the fact that the owner, John Marquis, started making in his basement about five years ago. Currently it’s being sold in over 40 countries around the world and offers a variety of products including, shaving soap, deodorant, candles and even dog wash. I found a great video interview with John from a few years ago talking about the business and how it got started. It's always nice to see someone come up with a good product and making it successful.


    I put Bay Rum into two categories, with cloves and without. Ogallala is definitely a “with” recipe. Along with Original there are also a Sandalwood, Limes & Peppercorns and Sage & Cedar versions. In my opinion they are all excellent but please check out what others are saying in the reviews section. The scent is great although not as long lasting as I'd like. For skin care I consider it somewhat neutral. Not drying but not overly moisturizing. I’m not going to try and recap the hundreds of threads discussing the virtues and shortcomings of all the Bay Rums available but I will say if you haven’t tried Ogallala you may be missing out on a great aftershave.

    Priced at $10 - $16 depending on the bottle size.

    Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Alcohol and Bay Rum Essence

    ** I couldn't find an official ingredients list. If you have one please post it.
  2. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Outstanding write up Kevin! :thumbup:

    I haven't used this one, how is the 'burn' sensation with these?

    Also, i take it each of the scents offered contain the base of the Bay Rum fragrance?
  3. I have the Limes & Peppercorn and I love it. The smell is complex but not muddled. The scent does wear off after a couple of hours. People have to be close to you to get a faint whiff so it is not over powering.

    I feel little to no burn when applied.
  4. john has several great products. i find very little burn in his after shave. i was given a sample of the weiner wash and the dog even loved it. i haven't tried any other bay rum after shaves to compare this to but feel this is perfect for a nice scent that doesn't over-power and for me it works.
  5. The burn is mild as long as you shake well. Otherwise it's rough. The Sage & Cedar is my current favorite. Sandalwood is a close second. Highly recommended.
  6. noahpictures

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    I have the Sandalwood and the Limes/Peppercorns and both smell great. It doesn't dry my face and the alcohol burn is almost nonexistent. The best thing about the Ogallala aftershaves is that it leaves my face very nice, smooth and healthy. :thumbup:
  7. I have Original and the Sandalwood but prefer the Sandalwood so much more. Just leaves my face more moistureized over all I think. Plus my wife likes it as well.

  8. Lucido! :thumbup:
  9. azmark

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    Great write up!!!!!!
  10. Austin

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    Gents, my father wore Bayrum when I was young. I can still remember the scent hanging in the air. I loved it for sentimentality reasons. I was never able to wear this scent because it never smelled right on my skin. I have tried several iterations from Trumpers, St. Johns, etc. I gave up several years ago. A few months ago I was placing an order at my favorite on-line site www.westcoastshaving.com. I saw that John carried this brand. I thought it was worth the buying it because of the low price. It is now the only Bay Rum juice I can use. It lasts about 5 hours on my person. I love this stuff.
  11. I use the cologne version of the ogallala when its cold outside. Too spicy for me any other time of the year. Lasts for a few hours. The aftershave is definitely not for me. Feels like lava when I put it on. Not an ideal way to wrap up a relaxing shave if you ask me :tongue_sm. My mileage varied.
  12. I enjoy the after shave -- which was a sample comp -- the cologne and the lotion. I also think their soap is an excellent value.
  13. I got the sample pack from West Coast and I love all of them. They all have the same base Bay Rum scent, but the subtle variations of the different ones are really great each to their own.

    As far as burn, it's not the same "burn" I associate with other alcohol based AS. Typical AS is more of an immediate sting in my opinion. What I get from the Ogallala splashes is more of what starts out as a slight warming that gets "hot". Not really a "sting" to me.

    Bottom line, did I mention I love them?
  14. I received a sample from Bullgoose and liked it right away. I decided to order a bottle which came yesterday. First off the bottle is outstanding, love that it is glass and the blue looks very nice in my den. As for the bayrum, I really like it. I find that if I splash a little water on my face after a few hours it brings back the scent a bit. I also think it is fairly mild, I did not get a burn after applying it this morning like I do from the clubman or even the speick.
  15. I've had the Bay Rum & Sandalwood for quite some time now. I love the smell of this stuff and so does the wife. I think it's quite strong for an aftershave. If you're in the market for any bay rum, I highly recommend you try this brand.
  16. I ordered it directly from the Ogallala company, and they sent me sample sizes of three other varieties. The Original is my favorite though ( shake well!)
  17. I tried the Bay rum and Sandlewood soap and aftershave and love them both! The soap lathers great and the aftershave feels wonderful and it has become one of my favorites for sure.:thumbup1:
  18. Add me among those that bullgoose samplefied. I love this stuff, and I don't feel weird wearing it at 22 either, it's a hit for sure and def not an "old man scent"
  19. I think it's the best Bay Rum out there, and the least painful for sensitive skin.

    In fact, I used it this morning! :001_smile
  20. Count me in this boat.:thumbup1:
    I received my sample from phil, and immediately got to shaving. Splashing this on was a very refreshing, comfortable aftershave, especially after using old spice for the previous few days. :001_tt2:

    I love it, so does the girlfriend.
    she ranks it top three, and I love the scent of the limes & peppercorns. It keeps it from being a simple mild scent, without being obnoxious. Well done!

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