Feather Stainless Razor

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by GeorgeClooney, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. It's simple, It's elegant, It's expensive, It's great !!!!
  2. Kentos

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    Aye Feather in a Feather is one of the top DE shavers for my ugly mug.
  3. We should start a Feather Stainless club. We can have secret handshakes and everything :biggrin1:
  4. I was very impressed by it when I saw it in person. Truly beautifully made.
  5. I've been using one since Christmas Day (thanks honey!) - 4 effortless BBS shaves.

    Has to be handled to appreciate the quality...although I'm still not sure if it's worth the hefty price tag

    (My usual 'weapon' was a '60 flare tip SS)
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  6. Kentos

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    No, it's not worth it... and neither is a 100 dollar badger brush, 40 dollar shaving cream and 20 dollar soap. Likewise a 4 dollar disposable cartridge head. That being said a Pils is next on the radar, with a finger on the trigger :001_wub:
  7. None of these are worth it unless...........you really like yourself and think you deserve it:thumbup:
  8. True, it is made well. But at the same time I didn't like the balance and the head looked too mild for my taste. The mildness was confirmed by the owner as well so despite the fact I fancy well made products I am not betting on this one.
  9. nEver-Ready

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    I also got to try one on a trial basis and found it too mild and handle-heavy (or head-light if you prefer). The head looks (and shaves) remarkably like my early Techs. I preferred the shave from my Feather Portable. It is real pretty though, and of course...YMMV...
  10. Yeah, YMMV. I find the balance great and the shave is mild yet very effective. The beadblasted surface on the head is a nice touch, and the thing just GLIIIIIIIDES.

    But is it worth the price? Nope. Is it worth a premium though? Yep.
  11. I'm in! FASUC? Maybe not ;-).... Someone who's more creative with such things should come up with an acronym.

    Anyway, yes, for me, the FAS has been a RAD killer. Last razor I'll ever need. Smooth yet uber effective. I just love every single shave with this beauty. I have to admit, I really like shinty gold razors and the industrial look of the matte stainless was a little to "functional" looking but the feel and the performance have overcome that totally.

    Great razor and to me, yes, worth the price.

  12. This razor had very good workmanship.
    Personally I feel it's a mild razor even with their Feather blades but it get it supposed to do.
    However I find it hard to shave just under my chin.
    My Feather Artist Club DX is far superior to Feather DE in term of closeness and comfort. Both are very good products.

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