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  1. Guys....

    Why do you think the Feather Professional Blades are the cheapest among all the other blades that can be used in the Feather/Kai system? I'm sure its not a quality issue as Feather makes them....

    BTW --- I have never shaved with either the Feather or the KAI but looking to buy one in the future and was looking up the blades online for budget allocation.

    Also, what is JATAI? Are they like the US distributors of Feather?
  2. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    I think the pros are used the most, so economies of scale are in effect.

    Jatai is a Feather Distributor IIRC.
  3. Thanks Kentos.... and just out of Curiosity.... Does the age of the blade affect its cutting qualities? Lets say if a feather blade cartridge was bought now and used 10 years later? Will the age it affect how it cuts?
  4. I uses Feather, Kai, and Dorco in my Cobra.

    I have a CJB but I have not broken it out yet as I have been playing around with all of the new SE and DE razors I have managed to stumble upon in the past month :sad:

    Time for another big den clean out....

    When I get to the point of not being able to use a razor at least once a month I have too many and have to thin out again :sad:
  5. I don't think their necessarily cheaper. Feather is actually the most expensive here in Korea ($10-12). Dorcos are common and I found this one not to long ago. $20120925_195157.jpg .
    I just think Feather is more available compared to others.
  6. I find the Feather Professional blades make it just a little too easy to cut myself using my Feather Artist SS. I generally use the Pro-Guard blades! I buy mine from WCS!

  7. I wish Pro Supers were the same price as Pros where I live. A pack of Pro blades is around $6.00 locally, but I have to import Supers...
  8. Where do you live? that's cheaper than where I'm at!

  9. Taiwan. First two years of using my Feather, I had to import blades from the USA, but now there are some suppliers with the Professionals, but none of the others. Too bad, but I've grown pretty comfortable with the Pros and they give a wonderful shave so I don't really miss the Pro Supers much at all.
  10. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    As long as the blades are well preserved they should be ok. The edges are very thin and once they oxidize they won't shave so it's a big Ymmv IMO.
  11. IIRC, the blades are coated. I've never pulled a visibly oxidized blade out of a dispenser and some have sat for several years with no apparent protection in Taiwan humidity.
  12. Do you like the blades in the picture? Where did you find them? I have not seen them even on Gmart.
  13. I usually pick up shaving stuff at the around Daejeon train station. There's a ton of beauty shops in that area and I ran into it. The store I usually pick stuff up doesn't have much anymore. Hopefully I'll be in Seoul starting August and maybe I can track them down again along with other stuff, like a Gilette adjustable I found in Dongdaemun.

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