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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by MikeC, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. I'm really liking the shaves I'm getting with my Feather Popular razor but I'm concerned on how long a razor made from plastic and steel will last. I'm thinking of getting 1 or 2 more as a backup since they are not expensive. I'd hate for this razor to break on me in a few years then find out they are not made anymore. Has anyone had any problems with the Popular razor?

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    Why not just get something better?
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    +1, There are so many razors out there that will last almost forever, go for it, indulge yourself. :thumbup:
  4. If you like it that much get yourself a spare. You can still move on to other razors but I got me some spares of both razors and brushes (and blades, but that is another matter) that I really liked. I would hate to see a prefered item getting out of production while I was still debating with myself to get a few more or not!
  5. You could get a NOS or used Gillette Knack or Slim Twist for a decent price. They are a durable razor.
  6. What's better?
  7. Better is relative, but a Gillette Super Adjustable (pre-1979 or so) has much the same design as the Feather Popular with a 4-inch handle and all-metal construction. So you could look for one of those. After 1979 they started having plastic parts.
  8. The Popular is still being made, and I find them here in Japan often...but I'd agree, look for a long-handled razor like the Krona, Knack or Super Adjustable....be patient on eBay and you'll find a razor built like a tank for the same price as a Popular.
  9. I don't know about the Feather Popular in particular, but a razor that's partly plastic can be very durable. My Schick Krona is from the 60s or 70s, and it's lasted just fine. Same with a number of injector razors. Yes, there are cheap, flimsy plastic razors too, but don't be prejudiced against something just because it has plastic parts.

    Still, I do believe in redundancy. Back when I was shaving with an Atra, I had an extra Atra handle. A backup razor is a good idea, whether or not it's the same type. And some of us have a lot more than just one backup.
  10. Sounds like you need a Feather All-Stainless :lol:

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