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  1. I am looking to replace my Merkur Vision DE Razor. The adjusting knob has quit working on the Vision. I also own an Edwin Jagger Chatsworth which I like, but I usually use this razor for my final pass. I would like to know if the Feather AS D2 would be much different than the Edwin Jagger in terms of the shaving experience. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I use Martin de Candre shaving soap with all my razors since my daughter travels to France from time to time. DRW
  2. The ASD2 is a VERY mild razor. It's fantastically made (and priced :001_tongu) but it is a very mild razor. If you have thick or wiry hair then it may not be for you.
  3. While the AS-D2 is mild, I think it can work for most people. I have thick hair and it pretty much any mild razor works fine for me (Gillette Techs, Merkur 15c, Adjustables on minimum settings). The AS-D2 is very mild, but people have said its slightly more aggressive than a old Tech. The AS-D2 will be milder than your EJ.
  4. And as always blade selection can make or break the deal. A "milder" razor paired with a "sharper" blade can yield sweet results.
  5. I didnt like it, i would have to do 3 passes + touch up to get the baby face feel i like.. YMMV
  6. As others have said, it is a very mild razor. I've only been using mine for a week, it takes more effort to get a good shave but it's so mild you can do several passes without irritation.
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    I have owned the EJ and I own the Feather. The Feather is my daily shaver. It is milder and smoother than the EJ. The aggressiveness can be increased with a Feather blade (something I normally don't do). The EJ cuts closer on each pass than the Feather. Both are quality razors, but the Feather will very likely outlive its owner and their children if properly cared for. I doubt the EJ will.
  8. Good day everyone, I received a Feather AS-D2 as a gift a few months ago...I have been using a Merkur Progress adjustable which I have been very happy with. I quickly found when I started to use the AS-D2, it was extremely mild and even on 3 passes, I still wasn't able to get as close to my Merkur.

    Question: similar to Above the Tie, does Feather offer different plates that provide more blade exposure to make for a more aggressive shave?

    Otherwise, I have a very nice, unusable AS-D2.
  9. Bad news, mate. Sell the Feather and buy a ATT R1 razor. The R1 is in the middle of the design range and is perfect for 90% of the population since the R1's range is high end mild to low end hard aggressive. Do this and know you own a lifetime razor.
  10. You could shim the ASD2. That would definitely make it a bit more aggressive.
  11. Some people shim the AS-D2 to make it more aggressive. I traded mine off as I was not able to find the sweet spot for my face and technique. The guy I traded it to, really likes it, and it works well for him.
  12. I have an AS D2 and it is nice, but too mild for me to make my favorite. I would recommend an Above the Tie with plates R1 or M1. Much better shaving razors. I don't own any ATT open combs, but will sometime soon.

    You can't beat an Above the Tie razor of any type!
  13. Going for $145 I think? Good price for a great razor!
  14. As stated above you can shim but you're probably better off with a more aggressive DE if that's what you need.
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  15. I've spent about a week and a half with the AS-D2 now. I compared it to two other fairly mild razors, a pre-war Gillette Tech with triangular holes and the fat handle, and a Muhle R89. I'll have to remember to compare against the Weber as well.

    Appearance: AS-D2 is a beautiful razor, almost with a matte finish but the handle glistens in the light and really looks like it's worth the asking price. The R89 is a beautiful, gleaming chrome razor with a flawless finish. The Tech is very utilitarian and obviously with age it's dull and flawed, but the appearance is uninspiring.

    Weight and Balance: AS-D2 surprisingly has a nice weight to it and I like the longer knurled handle, well balanced too. The R89 is shorter and average weight. The Tech is very light feeling which makes you want to apply more pressure. I can see why the Fat handle is preferred to the others which would likely feel way too light.

    Face Feel: AS-D2 almost feels like there's no blade at all both with and against the grain. The Tech is really smooth and feels very mild, but not quite as mild as the AS-D2. The R89 feels like a very light scraping which isn't necessarily irritating but definitely isn't as mild. And compared to other razors it definitely feels mild.

    Shave Angle: AS-D2 and Tech both have forgiving shave angles, despite some of what I've read. You can go shallow or steep and it still cuts well without irritation. The R89 kind of forces you into one angle which works well but it is a touch steeper which can lead to that tiny scraping feel. I should mention that's still mild in the scheme of things.

    Closeness: I shaved half the face with the AS-D2 and half with one of the others and alternated days doing this with fresh Astra SP's. Then I inspected both visually as well as feeling against the grain. Surprisingly, there was very little difference after passes comparing the razors. The R89 is the tiniest bit closer than the Tech which is the tiniest bit closer than the AS-D2, but it's almost imperceptible.

    That made me really wonder about the need for aggressive razors. I've got a light beard and sensitive skin, so I've sold all my aggressive razors and kept the mild ones. To this point, I haven't found a razor that's too mild for me. I get a lot of irritation on the neck, and now I'm at the point where I will do WTG and ATG passes on the cheeks and 1-2 purely WTG passes on the neck.
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    YES ! I have all the qualifications for an AS D2. I have sensitive skin, full coverage, medium course beard, and a love of nice things. I have tried and tried to use this razor. Most of the time with Feather blades, and that could be a part of my problem. If I hold it too lightly it does not take my beard off. If I press too much I get razor burn. To me, a Vision or a Jagger cuts whiskers better.

    Sad but true for me. Best regards.

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