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  1. Hello Guys, who own or have successfully used both AS-D1 and AS-D2, In your opinion, what is the difference between AS-D1 and AS-D2? I am thinking of getting it soon. But not sure which one to go with.

    I have just bought my first DE, the Feather popular TTO, as that was the only one available in the supermarket here and am enjoying that with Feather blade.

    Please chime in at your earliest convenience as I need to decide soon. RAD is kicking in!!!!
  2. The newer Feather (AS-D2) provides a much closer shave. It's a good razor but there are a ton of others to try, maybe before that one. Lots of vintage Gillettes will give you a shave that's at least the equivalent of the AS-D2. I like the Slim. A nice one can be had for $40, last I checked. If you want a newer razor, a Weber is very good and goes about $70. An iKon is another very nice one. If you go to the iKon site, you can piece together a razor for about $120, I think. Personally I started by looking around the forum here and on eBay for Gillettes. I like them because the razors are high quality, they provide good shaves, and they feel like owning a piece of history.

    All that being said, the AS-D2 is a good razor. If you're stuck on owning one, you could do a lot worse.
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    The ASD1 has a reputation of being really, really mild. And also somewhat tricky to use as far as maintaining the correct blade angle. There has also been the claim that some ASD1s were defective in some way and unable to "shave the fuzz off of a peach." I don't know where the truth lies, but the bottom line is that multiple owners of the ASD1 were not happy with it as can be seen by reading through old posts here and on the other shave forums. Keep in mind however that other owners were very happy with it.

    The ASD2 does not have much of a track record as it has not been out very long. Those that have used both report that the ASD2 shaves closer, as UngerWoo noted. I have not seen any complaints about the ASD2s performance so far.

    imo just depends on how mild you want to go.
  4. my ASD1 didn't work, the ASD2 is a very good razor, yes it's very mild but since I can get a BBS with 3 passes and without any irritation any time it's also very effective. Would I advice you to buy one at this time? No, you just bought your first DE, buy some good cheap ones on BST or another place and start using them until you have some experience, you can always buy more expensive razors later.
  5. I just bought a weber razor and love it. I was looking at the new feather ASD1 but at 225$ I decided on the weber and that cost 75$ shipped.
  6. I have not used an AS-D2 yet but found the the AS-D1 to be a wonderfully comfortable shave but you must have a steady hand.
  7. Can anyone compare the AS-D2 to any other popular DE, such as the EJ89? Thanks
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  9. Thanks for the link TM3
  10. Can someone please tell me how to physically distinguish an ASD1 from and ASD2. Many vendors are beginning to sell "ASD2" versions, so it bets the question "how do I know they are not selling ASD1's in disguise"? Thank you
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    The handles and the bottom of the baseplates are different.
  12. I have precisely those two razors. I started with the DE89 and only recently bought the AS-D2.

    The AS-D2 is very different than the DE89. The AS-D2 is a lot less forgiving of blade angle. If you get it wrong, it simply won't cut anything. But if you get the blade angle right, it will cut just fine. No matter what I tried with the DE89, I would always end up with a slight rash on the neck. Since getting my AS-D2 a few days ago, I'm noticing the skin around that area starting to heal. In other words, there is no rash at all with the AS-D2.

    Watching the blade angle on the AS-D2 takes some work. I find that if the angle is not correct, the razor will not leave a clean track....there will be some soap left behind.

    I'm still having trouble around the chin area, but nothing too bad.

    After 3 passes with the DE89, I would get a very close shave, maybe BBS in parts, but the skin would be itching and feel irritated all day. After 3 passes with the AS-D2, I get also get what feels like a very close shave, but not BBS. However, there is zero rash and irritation and I feel there is slightly more growth the next morning, which confirms that I didn't shave as close.

    The only non-shaving weirdness I noticed is some squeaking when screwing the head on/off. That is actually getting better without doing anything.

    I like the fact that there is no rash/irritation with the AS-D2, so I'm going to try and be patient and learn to get the blade angle right.
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