Favorite Thater?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Mendel, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. What's your favorite Thater brush that you currently own or would like to own?
  2. I've only had my first Thater in my possession for 3 days, a 49125/1 Silvertip, and I think it would be hard pushed to be bettered. But I am going to find out quite soon with a second.... then maybe a third.....??!!:wink2::001_smile
  3. The Thater octo shaped handles are supremely comfortable.
  4. franz

    franz Moderator Emeritus

    I would have to say the 4125 series two-band. Just shaved with it a few minutes ago. Fantastic brush.
  5. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    I have a Thaeter 4125, and it has the softest silvertip hair, like a cloud. Then there is the new Thaeter Two-Band finest, also the softest two-band hair I have ever felt, much softer than the Rooney XL.

  6. Dang it. SBAD is flaring up ... again.
  7. 4125/2 cream stout excellent performer love it
  8. shm


    I simply love my Thäter Silvertip with bruyére handle.
    It is one of two brushes who share the "Favourite brush" title (the other being the SOC 2-band)

    Pre- and post bloom
  9. Nice! :thumbup:
  10. My b'day is Jan 8.... Maybe SWMBO will buy me a Thater!
  11. Soft tips are a must for me, so it looks like a Thater will be my next brush. What would you recommend
    for a guy that face lathers soaps and creams with a Rooney 1/1 super? Keep in mind I hate scratchy brushes and don't need an XL size brush.

  12. +1.
  13. Just ordered a 4125/2, will see next year if it worth the price it cost !
  14. You won't be disappointed, I can assure you. My new 49125/1 has just gone to the top of my brush collection. Not sure why it took so long to become acquainted with the Thater brand.
  15. Is yours a 3-band or 2-band?

  16. Which would be the softest? I have a Rooney heritage, and it kills soaps but it is a little too short and dense for creams. Which Thater would be the best for creams? Still like dense and soft, but maybe a higher loft? I want one of these awesome brushes.
  17. 49125-3, 4125-2 & 49125-2 If I had to choose it would probably be the 49125-2. Does everything well, bowl lather or face lather and great with either soap or cream. It's the Desert Island brush

    $Image 2.jpg
  18. Looking for a dense cloud soft cream brush..face lather. The theater 2 band 24mm has a 52mm loft. Thoughts? Who has these in stock?
  19. Although the tips are soft, this amazing brush handles either soap or cream with equal ease. I plan on getting a Plexi 2 to join the rotation.
  20. Artes, which model is that?

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