Favorite soap/cream with straights

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  1. I have found that some of my absolute favorites with DE's don't do such a great job with straights. The only soap I have used so far that has worked great is Vergylde hand. Cella and La Toja cream did not work that good.

    Have anyone else had the same experience? And what are your favorite lather source with straights?
  2. The only soap that I can go both ways with is RazoRock Classic.
  3. I prefer using MWF when I use a straight razor and I prefer a thinner lather not thick.
  4. Wid


    Mitchells Woof Fat is by far my number 1 soap. Really any good soap can give you great results. I still use P160, Tabca and the MWF.

    Not much on creams though.
  5. MWF or recently Tabac
  6. Kentos

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    Super lather with Proraso and any hard tallow soap. ie MWF
  7. For me it's either Arko or vintage Williams. I do have an unused 8 pack of vintage colgate soap, but I just hate to be the one to open and start using the soap!
  8. MWF is my new favorite soap and Top Secret is my favorite cream.
  9. MWF,Dr Harris Soaps(almond),Martin deCandre,XPEC,iColoniali Rhubarb all work very well and I agree on the others not quite making the grade.
  10. I'm going through a stick of Arko pushed into a into a mug. It's gummy stuff anyway, so I think it works better with more water.
  11. So far Tabac is my favourite. My mother in law is currently on holiday in Turkey, where she has picked up four sticks of Arko I am itching to try.
  12. Tabula Rasa, Vallobra Almond, and MWF.
  13. Proraso really works the best for me.
  14. I prefer a good cream to a soap with straights(Cyril R Salter, T&H etc). If I do use soap, them it has to be a tallow one.
  15. professorchaos

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    Oh yes. I use a completely different set of soaps and creams. As a rule of thumb, straights work best with soaps that have either tallow or lanolin.
  16. It really doesn't matter what soap you use so long as it leaves a slick, wet lather and doesn't irritate your face. The hard part is getting a lather that is hydrated enough but not runny. A good test is whether the lather will come off the blade cleanly if you put it under the tap with the water running slowly. If it doesn't, you likely need to hydrate the lather more. Other than that, make sure you leave moisten your beard long enough before shaving. I also recommend a low blade angle and slight scything motion. Small, quick strokes seem to work better for me in the harder to shave places.
  17. I ordered some from Mike the other day. It was well over a hundred degrees (and my mailbox is black) when it arrived and pretty soft so I mashed the bar into a wooden bowl I had.
    Barber Shop sent. Good scent, it's not overly strong. Lathers well, although not as thickly as some sandle wood scent I picked up from Classic Shaving. However my shaves are smoother with Mike's. I really like it.
  18. I just use straights. My favorites is Haslinger.
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  19. Klar Seifen, Calani, MdC, Dr. Dittmar, TFS in that order
  20. i use everything with my straights but MWF and c.conk seem perfect.

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