Fatip vs Gillette NEW?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by cernel_joson, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Has anyone out there compared the two heads? It's getting pretty tempting to buy a Fatip, but I already shave with a NEW. If no one out there can answer this, I'll just go ahead and do the comparison myself. Thanks.
  2. It's gonna very a bit, not as dramatic as an R41 but the FaTip has little more bit to it but isn't harsh at all. The head also looks awesome in most custom handles. It's a different flavor of OC than the NEW's.
  3. I had a long comb NEW and I prefer the Fatip. The NEW is supposedly milder than the Fatip, but once you dial the correct blade angle, it's very predictable in its performance. For some reason, I could never seem to find the right angle for the NEW.
  4. Nothing beats trying it for yourself. I prefer the NEW, with either comb style.
  5. The Fatip is going to shave very much like your NEW with a couple of shims in it. They're cheap enough to buy...just own them both.
  6. Fatip is a bit more aggressive than NEW, but very smooth. Works beautifully with the Weber Bulldog handle. (You can gussy 'em up, too. :wink:)

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  7. I've heard the same siren call as of late. Cernel, if you decide to bite I would love to hear what you think of the FaTip.
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  8. Will do. Whenever someone posts on B&B about possibly getting a new razor, you pretty much know what happens next.
  9. +2 on the FaTip being more aggressive. Good luck with them. You may want to consider the Cadet open-comb razors as they are very similar to the FaTip and better quality and less expensive.

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