Fatip vs. Cadet/Razo Rock vs. Matador vs. Joris vs. ?

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  1. So I have seen all of these OC razors around and own a Cadet but am interested in the others and how they compare in terms of aggressiveness and build quality to price ratio. I love OC razors and love the more aggressive ones, had a Merkur 15C and traded it. Also are there any I am missing that would fit into this line up or deserve notable mention? Your thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think that if you are a lover of more aggressive OCs the Fatip is definitely worth a spin. From what I understand, the Joris shave is very, very similar.
  3. seems this thread is dead, I guess ill just have to do a little searching around
  4. Joris is going to be the highest quality of the ones you list. The head is similar to the fatip except higher polished and finished

  5. Thanks Turtle.....so if I get a Fatip I should expect the Joris to shave about the same with a much more quality fit and finish?
    How do the Matador razors compare I wonder?
  6. Fatip Grande is built like a Kalashnikov; solid, balanced, some machine marks but deadly in the right hands...
  7. That's what I understood indeed - I bought a Fatip Grande (which is *not* large) and am happy with it.
    If Matador are the same razors as Pearl, and I assume they are, they are roughly comparable.
    They share the same type of head, but the Fatip might be a tad more direct and close.



    And the Pearl (I choose the short handled version):

    (Images from BarbierediFigaro)

    Both are afaik full brass razors, and indeed they feel like quality items.

    The plating on both is OK, but not on a Muhle level so my guess would be not at the Joris / Plisson level also.
    Mind you, I haven't owned or handled these but only seen them in a local shop.
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  8. I use the Fatip . Those that appreciate the shaves I obtain from it have never asked me once about the finish on my razor. As said above, the Fatip is a workhorse, just not the prettiest horse. Fit and finish are a personal need and more important to some than others.
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    The RazoRock and Cadets are the same head, made by the same company. I suspect that the matador and pearls are also the same manufacturer as the RR/Cadet, they are all just sporting (in some cases) different/unique handles for the re-brand.
  10. the fatip is entirely brass the cadet, pearl, etc are only brass handles. i got to see and use a pearl version this past week and while the finish is better than the fatip it was not great think merkur machine marks some small dings in the chrome etc and it was only used once at that time. but the handles are far far better than the fatip imo. i dont like the fatip handle much and in fact it took a few shaves to be able to use it on a daily basis without and major weepers or irritation. now i can use the fatip handle just fine but i find i have to hold it at the very end and be very careful to let only the heads weight do the shaving otherwise its not good.i can say i preferred the shave of the fatip better myself. i used the pearl shorter handled version but i really feel these need a slightly longer handle. the short one was really a bit to short for this head for my tastes. with a closed comb i think it would have been fine. all are from the same manufacture made in india i.e. razo, cadet, matador, pearl and probably a few others.

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