Fatip Razors & Simpsons Shaving Cream -Now at BullGoose

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  2. Good Additions!!!
  3. Any way we can get specs on the Fatips, please? (Lengths and masses is all--I figure the heads are the same, correct?)

    Thanks a ton, whoever knows!
  4. A different vendor has the specs listed as:
    Handle Length = 70 mm
    Total Length = 79 mm
    Weight = 72 g

    Grande in Chrome:
    Handle Length = 77 mm
    Total Length = 85 mm
    Weight = 65 g

    The Piccolo is heavier, despite being smaller, because the handle is a solid piece whereas the Grande handle is hollow. I have the Grande and find it's the right size; it reminds me of my EJ DE89 in size to give you some perspective.

    I'm not entirely sure that the heads are interchangeable because the threading may be different. But they're the both shape, as far as I understand.

    Great additions, Phil!
  5. Thanks, drocu!
  6. Is it crazy to want that Simpsons cream just for the tin? :001_unsur
  7. What kind of scent does the Simpsons Shaving Cream have?
  8. None.
  9. Are they nickel or chrome?
  10. The first post says they are nickel, which is my personal preference.
  11. The simpsons cream looks very good and seems to have gotten rave reviews. I want to hold on until they release the complete line - the scented creams, ASB, Pre shave and Skin food.
  12. Thanks for the fast shipping, Phil. I ordered Friday night, you posted the package on Saturday morning and I received my "stuff" today (Monday)...AWESOME.
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  13. Phil, any idea when you will get more grandes in? Your store shows OOS

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