Fatip Grande [Chrome] Review

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  1. Posted a review of my Fatip Grande in chrome finish, since I could not find a official review.
    So here it is:
    Fatip Grande [Chrome]

    $Fatip G C 1.jpg
    $Fatip G C 2.jpg
  2. I sold my Piccolo, and will deffenitly replace it with a Grande. Love the Fatip and at its price it's unbeatable.
  3. It is. You could have kept it and buy a custom handle, since the handle is the only difference between the two.
    Either way you'll get fantastic shaves.
  4. I thought way more people would be interested in this.
  5. Hey, not posting does not mean not interested. I read it with much interest, since I am in the process of trying to tame a Fatip, and thinking about replacing the handle. Which I already did, with a Parker handle, but I am considering a better looking one, since my Parker handle is a bit beaten up.

    Today, in fact, I got one of the best shaves (for me!) with the Fatip, after taking a few days off.
  6. great review, love my Fatip grande gold.
  7. You're probably right. t's just that I saw it had (exactly lol) 100 view yet 1 person commented.
    People don't have to comment of course, it's only a way for me to tell they didn't just opened and closed the thread quickly,
    but found the info interesting. Taking a few days of can certainly help, especially for me with a blade like Feather.
    However with smooth blades like the Astra SP I can shave every day comfortably, but, of course this is very personal.
  8. :thumbup:
    I want a nickel and a gold in the future, gold will not rust, not even a bit, so that will be my back up only to be used on special days.
    Enjoy your great razor!
  9. Fatip is the best of the aggressive razors. It is efficient without verging on being dangerous (we know what other razor I'm referring to). I bought a Weber Bulldog handle for it and it is a great combo.
  10. Even though what you say is personal, YMMV, I have to agree with you. And yes, we all know what vicious biter you mean.
    I use a R89 handle right now but a Tradere Bulldog is on my list. Many people comment on bulldog and heavier handles pairing up perfectly with the Fatip.
  11. Interestingly, and completely a YMMV thing, I sold my FaTip because I found it difficult to consistently get a good shave with it. I have gone for an R41 as its replacement (as much to check the hype as anything else) and feel I'm less likely to cut myself, despite it being blatantly more aggressive. Odd.
  12. Hey, if it works, it works! And never change a winning team! Enjoy that R41!
    I have a R41 with the rose-gold handle but haven't decided what I will do with it.
  13. It was the all brass that made me think FaTip over the Cadet or RR open comb. That and the clearance price on the gun metal FaTip. A review on another site seemed to say the Cadet displaced the reviewer's FaTip as favorite razor.... I couldn't tell if that was new-broom enthusiasm. Anyone have comparitive input?
  14. I have both a Cadet (TP01) open comb and a Fatip. I agree with the comments about handles. The Fatip feels light and the TP01 feels thin (as advertised, it is about pencil thickness). I like both razors, and even though the comb shapes seem similar, there are subtle differences. Both are aggressive, with the Fatip being more so. I can get a much smoother one pass shave with it than the Cadet. However, I sometimes get a bit of burn after using the Fatip and don't with the Cadet. Both razors will bite if you are careless. I've nicked myself with both. Fit/finish, while not great on either, is better on the Fatip.

    For context, here are my other razors: Gillette new, Jagger DE89L, Merkur OC travel razor, Weishi TTO, Tradere OC.
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  15. Thanks for the comparison cstephens! I probably picked the right one, given other razors in my rotation. Can't wait to try it.
  16. You're welcome. The Fatip is a nice looking and close shaving razor. You'll like it. I have the gunmetal also and it stands out among my others.
  17. Thanks again, Chris. Used the Fatip today, and I am really surprised how much I liked it. Great shave, close. I was hyper-conscious of "no pressure", but even with three passes really got very little irritation. No more than the usual on the usual trouble spots, same as with my DE89. And I probably could have stopped with 2 passes and been fine for regular day's shave. I see NO flaws in F&F, either, and had no issues with the handle at all (it is defnitely different from my usual Weber bulldog, but gave me no control issues).
  18. What blade did you use? I've been experimenting since I got the Fatip. Blade selection seems to have a greater impact than with the DE89.
  19. Another Fatip fan here. It was my first OC and I still love it. Blade choice does seem to make a huge difference here. I found Astras to be too violent when paired with the Fatip but Personna Reds were just fine (disclaimer: Personna Reds are my favourite blade in everything).
  20. Fatip and Feather. Match made in heaven..

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