FaTip and Joris heads, what handles fit?

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  1. I have both a FaTip and Joris. The heads only fit the handles that came with the razors. All my other razors have heads that are standard threading. Anyone know the deal with the threading on the Joris and FaTip? The Joris head is a little too long for me and the FaTip head a little too light. I do like the razor heads.
  2. As far as i know Both Head's are the same, Joris and Fatip at least the older Fatip. And its seems that there threading is Different from other Gillette Razor's , Hopefully someone will come along and Answer whats up with Thread on These 2 razors. :eek:/
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Fatip threads a bit longer than regular heads?
  4. I have a FaTip head on an Ikon Bulldog handle and it fits perfectly.

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  5. Similar--but they are not the same. I have both.

    I have not yet found a handle that fits the Joris, tho the new chrome plated FaTips fit on handles like the Tradere. The older Nickel plated ones have a narrower threaded screw, which makes me think that the heads have two different sources.

    Personally, I love the handle on the Joris--it is still my favorite by a wide margin.
  6. I have both as well. They have the same thread and the head looks exactly the same. I think the old FaTip head and the Joris head are the same with the narrower threaded screw. The handles are interchangeable between the Joris and the FaTip, but the heads will not fit on any other handle I have.

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    The last Fatip and Joris i bought are identical heads on different handles...the handles and weight will make a world of difference on the shave for my skin/face
  8. I just tried my Joris head on the Tradere handle and it fit like a glove. A very nice shave this morning!
  9. Since I think my Joris is the most beautiful razor in my collection, I wouldn't switch out the handle. Why mess with (near) perfection?
  10. my fatip head has too narrow a diameter to work with most handles. iKon handles barely catch and just on the last thread. Most of my DE handles won't catch at all. However, I just discovered that my weber handles (which are too tight of a threading for some of my razor heads) work great with the fatip head.
  11. If you look closely at the heads you will see that the Joris has much more rounded and polished edges on the bottom plate while the FaTip/muhle does not--the edges are much more angular/sharp. Subtle differences, true, but differences nonetheless. The threads may be the same for your two razors tho.

    But which two do you have? I have two different FaTips (the chrome and nickel plated versions) and the topcaps are not identical, as well as the threading being different.

    I heard on the SMF forum that Joris actually has the heads made for them by an Italian firm that also makes pipes. I'm trying to find the link now.

    In addition, someone on this forum posted up some pictures a while back that clearly showed the differences between the razor, I can't seem to find that post either.

    Take care.
  12. Are Fatips still current? If so where are they? Are they different from Muhle 2010 r41?
  13. For reasons that are probably too goofy and long to explain, I have an extra Joris head with no handle. Also, I found that the handle was a little slippery. Otherwise I agree; its a gorgeous piece of kit.

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