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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by eezee, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. eezee

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    Just saw a video of an Englishman named Paul who posts videos on YouTube that I enjoy viewing. His first video for 2014 had him shaving with a Fat Tip. It appeared to be a gorgeous razor. I'm just curious, if one wanted to go beyond a 37C slant bar which one would you folks recommend? The Fat Tip or the Muhle R41?

  2. StubbleTrouble

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    Both give very efficient shaves, but require a good bit of respect. The R41 has two distinct versions, the 2014 and 2011, which are not distinguishable from the packaging. The Fatip can be difficult to load and also has quality problems, so don't be surprised if you have to return one. I honestly like both razors and can only say they're both effective.

    Edit: That should have read 2013 and 2011 (technically 2010 as well).
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  3. 2013 R-41 would be my choice.
  4. I dont have a Fatip but really like my R41 (year 2013 model). It is an attractive razor, gleaming chrome. Since obtaining it I havent used any other razor. I bought mine from Connaught Shaving. I would recommend the R41 to anyone looking for an aggressive razor.
  5. My go to is a Cadet/Razorock Jaws with a 2013 R41 for those special shaves. I bought a Premax/Fatip, used it a few times then retired it.
    Nothing wrong with a Fatip once you find it's sweet spot but it doesn't excel at anything unlike the former razors.
  6. You can pick up a used Fatip really cheap, so why not choose both?
  7. eezee

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    Found a FaTip Grande that I had to get. Will let you know once it gets in.
  8. I'm going to try and acquire a 2011 R41 to go with my inbound FaTip. I have an Ebay Bulldog handle that wants to meet them.
  9. Fatip shaves better for me...
  10. I have both a 2013 R41 and a FaTip.
    They are both aggressive and both deliver guaranteed irritation-free BBS.
    The FaTip requires a heavier handle with better grip and is super smooth. So it requires mindfulness since it gives no indication before it bites.
    The R41 feels quite rough but only takes one pass to achieve a result which it would take many other DEs three passes to achieve. It requires mindfulness as it will bite with the tiniest pressure.
    Both are awesome razors - shaving with the FaTip is a smooth comfortable pleasure whereas shaving with the R41 is an experience of great power and efficiency.
    I wouldn't want to be without either!
  11. Fatip + Weber Bulldog is my daily choice. It's not that difficult to manage and gives a nice irritation free BBS shave with 2 passes, WTG and ATG.

    I love the Fatip head, I've got 2 and I'm thinking of getting another ones from Zamberg because of the free shipping. Remember that the quality of the finish is almost never perfect and you'll need a heavier handle, but it's really worth all the work.
  12. I have a 2011 R41 and a Fatip. I love the aggressiveness of the R41 but I think the Fatip is a better razor in many ways.
    It will give me a BBS, it is pretty cheap, it is brass rather than zamak, it is much more forgiving while being efficient.

    They're both excellent razors but the Fatip is the razor that I recommend to friends who want to get more aggressive than the Merkur HD that they started on.
  13. StubbleTrouble

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    Sometimes the top cap isn't aligned properly such that the blade exposure is lopsided and can't be user-adjusted. That happened to me, and I'm thankful I was able to exchange mine so easily. I've heard of one other having to return a fatip as well.

    Anyway, +2 on the Bulldog / Piccolo.
  14. Fatip is a pleasure to use. The R41 is too harsh. IMHO.

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