F/S Three Old Spice Mugs

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  1. SOLD. Thank you B/S/T
    I have three Old Spice Mugs that I would like to sell as one group only.
    There are no cracks, chips or nicks in any of these mugs. All are in great condition.
    I am collecting too many mugs in the den and the shelf is getting crowded so I wanted to pass along this little group.
    I would like to have $40 Paypal only for all three and that will include CONUS only and I will include the tracking number as well.
    First mug information:Two ships, and writing says "SHIP GRAND TURK SALEM~1786". On bottom says: "Old Spice Shulton 47".
    Second mug information: Two ships, and writing says "Ship Recovery~Salem~1794". On bottom says: "Old Spice Shulton".
    Third mug information: One ship, and says: "Old Spice". On bottom says: "Old Spice Shulton 1".
    The red lids you see are not original. They are just covers I painted to match the red printing on mugs are were only dust covers.
    If you need any further photos or information, please pm me and I will do my best.
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  2. Nice collection of old spice mugs. Someone is going to get an instant shave den with some very useful soap mugs. Good price on 3
  3. oh man those look great!!!
  4. Great idea on the dust covers. I need to make about 40 of them to spruce up my OS mug display.
  5. Nice mugs, Good price, but I already have all 3. Somebody's gonna get a deal....
  6. These will do very nicely as my 2nd,3rd,and 4th mugs in my small but growing rapidly den :)

  7. Very nice mugs..is classic
  8. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    I can't see the price. Please add it again as per the rules of BST.
  9. "...I would like to have $40 Paypal..."

    but it doen't say if that was in fact the final price
  10. I never remove the price on any B/S/T items. The price is still right where I put it.
  11. The price listed is what it went for, or I would have listed the final price so I would be following the rules.
    Saying "I would like to have" is just a polite way of me saying I want.
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  12. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    Elderberry sorry about that I was reading on my BlackBerry and coukdnt see the price. My mistake.
  13. Not a problem. It made me go back and check it myself. lol
    I could not remember removing price. I never do! It's against the rules and I don't like trouble!

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