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  1. Just wanted to share a great customer service experience I had today.

    Last week I noticed I broke the handle on my brush do to miss use. I contacted Whippeddog to see if it was possible to remove the knot and put it in another handle. But they insisted that they should sent me a new one free of charge and said to keep the old one. Well the package arrived today and the brush is great, but not only did he send me a free brush but they sent me soap sampler too.

    You just don't see customer service like this anymore. So a plus +1 to Whippeddog you made a customer for life.
  2. Larry is something else!
  3. Larry is a great gent! It's people like him that really make this all worth it!
  4. Larry is absolutely fantastic! I bought a half-seen razor from him and just politely asked if he knew a good way to remove some of the rust on the blade since it was a bit corroded close to the pivot and he paid to have it restored and sent me another straight I could use meanwhile and let me keep it so he really has A+++ customer service. He also has extremely good shipping fees!
  5. Awaiting a brush Whipped Dog is sending to replace one he sent earlier which had a problem.

    No hesitation, as soon as I emailed him he created and shipped the replacement.

    So +1 on all the above glowing comments.
  6. Customer service as good as Larry's is rare these days. Glad it worked out for ya.
  7. Not to mention how fast he ships 'em out, too!
  8. If I ever need a straight this is where I'd go. His reputation is awesome.
  9. You already need a straight, you just don't know it yet :wink2:
  10. I have to agree with eveyone else. I had heard great comments about Larry in the past so I bought my first straight razor from him today. I made a special request, and in seconds he responded with exactly what I wanted, and at a great price! It is rare to find any business that goes above and beyond these days, but Larry, I salute you! Keep up the great work! I love seeing a business like his thrive.
  11. It's heartwarming to know that there are so many great vendors out there. My hat's off to all you vendors who help make this hobby a joy.


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