Ever Ready SE razor, which one?

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  1. Hey there gents, I saw this razor in about this good of shape at an antique store a while back for 19 dollars...Curious if it was worth that much. It isn't as if I am going to sell it, but i have been trying to add to my collection;

  2. If you hunt around you can get it cheaper but taking shipping in to consideration it's not that bad a price for a cased ER 1924. Not the mildest of SEs to start with but a good addition to a budding SE collection.
  3. Newbie here. Why does ppl are always looking at GEM 1912?
  4. Because it's simply the best safety razor ever invented, and an absolute pleasure to drive. Compared to the clumsy blade loading/unloading of the 1924 'shovelhead', the 1912 is the image of elegance and simplicity. It is plenty aggressive, but way safer than the 1914 or 1924 which are OCMM harsh in the wrong hands.

    OP: I got a similar set on Ebay for $13.50 with 3 E-R blades that I continue to use use they take a wicked edge. Proceed with caution and the shovelhead will shave you well. YMMV
  5. The one pictured is a later model 1914 ER, not a 1924, and is commonly called the Little Lather Catcher. I would hand over $19 without hesitation for one in that shape with a case and blade holder. The early models have very small blade stops and the blade tends to bounce on top of them or move backwards when the top plate is closed, the later ones like this one have much better stops that allow the blade to actually slide under them. The '14 is my second favorite SE, just a tick behind the 1912 Damaskeene.
  6. Yep. Me too.
  7. I got one of those cases separately, and tried my Every-Ready 1912, 1914, and 1924 in it to see which would fit best. The 1912 wouldn't let the lid close. With the 1914 I could close the lid, but it wouldn't quite close all the way, that is, it snapped shut but then popped a little way open. With the 1924, it closes perfectly. There may be different varieties of the case, and the one in your picture may fit the razor that's in it. I agree that the razor in that picture is a 1914. CORRECTION. I was wrong. Insufficient coffee absorption and a small picture. That is a 1924 not a 1914. The 1914 would have "lift here" on the sides of the top plate.

    Before spending any money on it the set, I'd make sure that the case snaps closed properly. Okay, I got that part right.

    I prefer the 1912 to either the 1914 or 1924 as a shaver, although the 1914 is close. The loading mechanism on the 1914 is a little awkward compared to the 1912, although it's not really bad. The 1924 is a little less easy to shave with.

    Mistakes left in so you know how much salt to take my opinions with.:sad:
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  8. I hate to disagree but that is definitely a 1914. If you blow the picture up you can see the LIFT HERE, plus it has the little tabs on the sides of the top plate, plus the comb area and blade stop location is different than the 1924.
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  9. The 14' is the smoothest sailor of the commonly found Ever-Ready line for me. The Streamline model is my hands down fave, but much less common. A perfect blend of elegant simplicity, smoothness, and aggression.

    That is a 1914 model without a doubt, and a totally different animal compared to a 24'.
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  10. Well, we've established that I have been wrong at least once today, and possibly twice. I don't see "lift here" when I zoom in on the photo, it just gets blurrier, but if it is there, then it's a 1914 as you say. The OP has seen this in the shop, so he can tell for certain.

    If that's true, then it may be in the wrong case. If the case doesn't close fully and stay closed on its own, then it is a mismatch.

    Here is a picture of my own 1924 in a similar case. As I mentioned, a 1914 head won't let the lid close properly.

  11. ^^It takes a sharp eye, but on Panda's pic you can see the sides dog leg inwards along the edges right where the top ends and the blade bed/comb starts becausevit is hinged at the back(1914). Yours just goes straight all the way along the edge because the top is hinged at the comb area(1924)
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  12. The 1924 you posted there has a different handle (sorry for the tiny picture of my question one...I totally grabbed it off the Internet and it was all I could find). The one that is available at the store has a handle that is hexagonal and smooth there is no "grip." That said I will go check it out this weekend (store isn't open till Fridays and Saturdays) and if it says "lift here" on it I will pick it up :) .

    The condition is about the same as Slivovitz's razor with some white spots that look like dried shaving cream, easily cleaned off for sure.
  13. Here's a side by side with the '24 on the left. See the tab next to the word HERE? I believe those are visible in his picture and you can also see that the comb area is slightly narrower than the top plate on the '14, while the '24 is straight on each side.

  14. Yes, when I really look closely I can see that.

    So it's a moot point, as it wasn't a picture of the actual item for sale then? Anyway, you have a bit more information now, and there are pictures of SE razors in the Shavewiki in the safety razor database.
  15. Yeah it is the same razor, I basically tried to get the handle, the case and the head right in the picture I found. Since the blade fits and it is almost certainly the one with the writing and the little tabs that is good news.

    One thing I will say is I tried to open it and was trying to be careful (as to not take part in a break it you buy it deal ;) ). How much pressure should I have to apply to get the top to open?
  16. A lot. That's the one drawback to the 1914 is they are a bit finnicky to open, and they close like a beartrap which, like I said can jar the blade loose. The 1924 improved on that by having a tab at the back and opening forward but they still aren't as user friendly as the 1912.

    They are fantastic shavers if you're willing to work with them.
  17. Are these GEM 1912 aggresive? I'm currently using an EJ DE89. I heard these are safety razors powered by straights.

    How is it possible to get mint GEM 1912? It's like almost a centurion model.


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    you have the wrong head in there, it supose to say 'lift here.' and the tabs on side..you have a Sport 1925 in nickel plated suppose to have the tabs on side

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    yes, its a 1914 for sure....thats the wrong case
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    heres 1914 in right case

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