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  1. Man this thing cleaned up nice. It looked so scummy but I knew it just needed a cleaning. A little Brasso and it shined up real pretty. The combination of old library book vomit coming off the handle, and new badger knot funk (my first funky knot actually) is a little odd. I hope it mellows soon.



    Post Bloom this morning

    This is a 22mm Best Badger from Larry. Is quite soft, much softer tips than my best from TGN (but not as soft as my super from TGN).

    The loft is a bit higher than I like, but setting it lower I think would have looked weird and stumpy in this handle. (That and after hogging it all out nice, I didn't feel like doing it all over again to get it down a few mm... heh)
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  2. Nicely cleaned up....a treasure hidden under the crud.

    I would have set that one quite a bit lower though.
  3. You did very nice work! I appreciate seeing that brush handle, with the knot in it, after a little TLC. I saw the original condition of that handle before I mailed it to you. I can appreciate, even more than possible from pictures, how well you did.
  4. I prefer them around 47mm loft, this is sitting about 52mm, so it's no obscenely high or anything.

    It bloomed out pretty big but I used it this morning and it was nice. Used it with my P.160 soap and it gobbled it up, not flopsy at all.
  5. Thanks Larry, everything for this brush came from you. :)

    How's yours standing up? Digging your first badger?
  6. It looks great Chris. Good work.
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    Hey I just created a post about the same stinky handle smell...hopefully it goes away...and hopefully my reknot comes out as nicely as yours.
  8. Great job....it looks great :thumbup:

    Christopher [​IMG]
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  9. The bloom has settled down some, that pic was taken pretty much post lathering after rinsing and shaking out. When dry it's much nicer.

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