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  1. Have you used some shaving soap from a maker on If so who was it from and what are your thoughts

    Anyone tried it a it is now your go to soap?
  2. I've tried Red Leaf shave soaps, the Black Tea and English Coast scents. They are a melt-and-pour, but good quality and a good value. The scents are pleasantly strong, although the Black Tea did not agree with my skin. English Coast is a great scent, like a more refined Irish Spring.

    They lather easily, and the lather is average. Not as rich as many of the well-loved shave soaps around here, but certainly decent.
  3. I made the mistake of ordering some at the beginning of last week. I have yet to hear from the seller about my purchase(sent several several emails) and I haven't received anything for that matter too. I'm holding out on going to paypal and getting my money in case there was a legit delay.
  4. Good luck, let us know how it goes
  5. maxman

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    I have some Shave Library soap I purchased from Etsy. It's made by a member here.
    Good stuff. You'll likely find a review or two in the review section.
  6. completely forgot to update, but I had to end up doing a claim with paypal and then not 45 mins later I heard from the seller who said that she had family troubles and what not so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and closed my complaint with them and she shipped me my soaps.

    Well when the soaps finally arrived I proceeded to whip up some later and spread it across my eager face and then the let downs continued. That stuff lit my face up before the razor even touched my skin. It was god awful and I ended up tossing the soaps and washing the lather off and going with my williams and bigelow.
  7. Crappy soaps always work well as shower soaps! Several of my ill-fated melt 'n pour buys have gone that route.

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    I've been itching to try this line, the proprietor is a great guy.
  9. That's a good idea. the SWMBO has a puck of it I asked her to try out, if she ends up hating it as much as I did I may go that route with hers.
  10. This is a good soap. Lather-wise and shave-wise it is identical to Benton Clay soaps. Just the scents are different.
  11. I was wondering about the soaps on Etsy too. The thing to remember is that each soap maker is an individual, and you can't lump them all as 'Etsy' vendors.

    On one hand, I'd like to support the little guy who makes some nice soap. On the other hand, there are so many soaps that have been reviewed here on B&B that are reliable performers for most people.

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