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  1. The wife has taken an interest in my new wetshaving endeavor, so she asks me to check out a soaper in ETSY. The one she asked me to look at was not this one, but after looking around I stumbled upon this one. Other threads had mentioned (I used the search function, imagine that!!!) that some at home soapers just add clay and glycerin to a bath soap and call it good, and make reference to the shave option second to regular use, and no mention of using a brush. This soaper provides an accurate description to include how they perceive the lather to be with a brush. anybody try it? If nobody has I am probably gonna try it anyhow, the price is not steep at all.
  2. Jim

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    Olive oil is the first ingredient- run the other way.

  3. Jim, where did you find these ingredients? I cannot find a link or anything.

    The third ingredient is coconut oil, which is also a no-no. Coconut oil gives you bubbly lather, which is not what you want in a shaving soap.
  4. His shaving soap in a jar lists the ingredients. Or at least the Colt scent one does. I haven checked the others but I'd imagine they are all the same.
  5. The ingredient list is on each shaving soap in a jar link. to be honest with you I did not even look at the ingredient list earlier.

    That does not make sense. Do these people not know what each ingredient does, and then why would they use it? Since Olive oil is listed first I would venture to say that is the largest ingredient. I am not saying I can do better, but just from reading a couple of threads about soap making I figured this out.
  6. Olive oil can be used in a shaving soap, but most of the time it does not produce a good one. These people are most likely excellent soap makers, just not understanding of what shaving soap is. Most soap makers still think that bath soap + clay = shaving soap, which is completely untrue.
  7. I guess for the price it would not hurt to try, if it does not work I can still use it in the shower. Of course you all know I can post the results!
  8. Jim

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    It wont hurt as long as you know you are buying a shower soap.

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