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  1. Because Encre Noire seems to have a lot of fans on this board, I just ordered a bottle for myself. Is this a fragrance that I can wear in spring/summer during the day at work?
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    its pretty versatile. it's very unlike other vetivers like Tom Ford and Guerlain, as it has ZERO sweetness or citrus. I find it very dark yet clean, which in my nose are two things that normally don't go together.
  3. I'm not a fan of Guerlain...is it similar to Creed Original? I believe I read in the description that Encre Noire has a hint of grapefruit.
  4. Encre Noir is nothing at all like Creed Original which is a soapy frag and I do not get any fruit or floral whatsoever. You may have to wait and see how the frag reacts to your body chemistry. I hear many people talk about "ink" notes and I have no idea where they are getting that. I get a dark and musty woodsy note which is deep and linear and has great longevity. Perhaps where I am getting dark and musty others may be getting ink. Because Encre Noir is deep and linear for me, I often layer it with other frags when I want to add depth to them.
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  5. Sounds more like a fall/winter fragrance?
  6. I absolutely love Encre Noire but I don't find too many occasions to wear it outside the house unfortunately.

    YMMV obviously but on me EN has incredible sillage and projection which I would feel completely smothered by in hot weather. I feel that EN has EdP strength on my skin for some reason.

    EN works best for me in cold weather and outdoor settings. I also wear it at home when I want to relax, it has an almost meditative effect on me.

    Agreed, it smells nothing like Creed Original or Guerlain. I get no floral or citrus either but if my fountain pen ink smelled like EN I would probably have ink all over my nose :001_tt1:
  7. Is it a heavy fragrance like Knize Ten?
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    No. It is not as heavy nor cloying.
  9. I have a bottle and love it. it's very earthy and has a lot of iso E super in it. it's basically just pure vetiver. I wear it to work but I have gotten a couple comments that I smelled strong. I could see wearing it in spring or summer because it's herbal and earthy with no sweetness, kinda gives me a cool impression like smelling moss or dirt in a forest.

    Oh i think people claim the ink note because encre noir means "black ink" and it comes in a bottle shaped like an inkwell...
  10. I have a vial of it and I think it works well for spring day/evening, not too heavy but definitely have a character that makes it stand out. I haven't had a chance to wear it on a really hot day so I wouldn't know but I would assume it won't be an issue.
  11. Thanks for the info...I'm very intrigued by the Vetiver Bourbon & Cashmere Wood notes? How does it compare to Bulgari Black? Bulgari Black is the only wood/smoke EdT that I have and like.
  12. its about the complete opposite of bulgari black, that mostly smells like rubber and vanilla with maybe some smoky tea in the beginning, encre noir smells like vetiver and more vetiver doesn't really smell smoky or what most people would call woody...more earthy or dusky
  13. Received my large 100ml bottle of Encre Noire yesterday and applied a small amount to my wrist this morning. The description of dark, smokey & clean is spot on. A little goes a long way...definitely an evening fragrance. I feel like I should be in a spy novel, wearing a tux playing cards in Monte Carlo.
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    Vetiver is by far my favorite note. Now having said that ink accord I found in this fragrance just ruined the whole fragrance for me. Thus I found it to be an immediate scrubber. For those of you who enjoy this fragrance I hope you wear it, and enjoy it in good health.
  15. Must be a body-chemistry thing because I get "no ink accord whatsoever". It is too bad that you cannot enjoy this vetiver powerhouse like those of us who even have a back-up bottle on hand.
  16. This fragrance is a strange gem. I enjoy it very very much, but I'd never buy it because I'd never find the proper occasion to wear it. To me, I get pretty much a dark woody mix backed up by strong vetiver and some cleanish musk. I agree with people saying there is not any fruitiness or sweetness. It's a very clean and earthy smelling fragrance, but it also seems quite melancholic. I get a slight ink and paper note, but that might just be in my mind.

    If you can wear and pull it off, then power to you! I just can't, doesn't take away from how lovely this frag is, though
  17. I was trying to figure out where I could wear Encre Noire...would have to be on a cold fall/winter day or evening.
  18. I am wearing it right now for the first time. I ordered a decant from Archefrire. I am still trying to decide if I like it. I am usually not a fan of vetiver, but because everyone claimed this one was so different, I gave it a shot. It is very different than the other vetivers I have smelled. It is very strong and I do indeed get a strong ink smell. I only used two sprays. Tough to tell if this can be worn in blazing heat. I would say that you would not have to limit it just to cold fall and winter evenings, but I am not sure about hot summers. I will try it once the weather here warms up (it is windy and raining today).
  19. Interesting, I have GIT also...how is this done?

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