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  1. Okay guys, Iam going to take quite a bit of stick here but I have purchased an electric razor.
    I am still wet shaving regularly but I reckon an electric will be very handy for me under my current circumstances.
    I have bought a Philips Coolskin (Nivea for Men) Shaver.
    Got a great deal on it on Ebay. Very cheap price.
    Anyway its waterproof, meaning that you can shave in the shower and it also dispenses Nivea gel as you shave.
    Now we all know that hot water and steam is very beneficial when wet shaving (softens hair and makes it easier to cut) but is that still the case with electric shaving?
    The reason I am asking is because you can buy pre-electric shave lotions that is alcohol based. These lotions dry and take out all the oil out of your skin. This would indicate that you should only electric shave when you face is totally dry?
    However a lot of electric shavers are now water proof and recommend that you shave in the shower or bath with them?
    I know this site spe......es in wet shaving but any tips really would be appreciated.
  2. In my experience with an electric you either want your skin totally dry or else you need some lubricant slightly moist skin is a recipe for disaster. I shaved with a wet/dry electric as a teen (only 5 years ago) and I either shaved before the shower or used Edge Gel to lather my face and shaved in the shower.
  3. I think lubrication is one of the primary goals.
    There's nothing more miserable than trying to shave a damp, sticky face with an electric razor.

    The electric preshave products predate the availability of wet/dry razors.

    - Chris
  4. From what I recall many moons ago when I had an electric which was waterproof if I shaved wet I got massive irritation on my skin. pre shave dries the face of moisture and leaves a coat of lube on your skin to make the shave more comfortable. If you shave with it and go to clean out the whiskers they are all clumped together and difficult to clean out. If you shave just dry the whiskers easily fall out of the machine. For me pre shave was not an option with an electric.
  5. I tried using an electric for a while with no success in the end. I tried shaving both dry and with some lotion similar to the Nivea stuff, and dry was definitely the better of the two. The wet shave felt easier intitially, but afterwards my skin would be really irritated, especially on the neck. The thing is, shaving dry was the trickier one, because you can't just do it right out of the shower or after washing your face, so it kinda changes things up if you have a specific routine that you're used to. Ultimately, the electric took a permanent home in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet because it just irritated my face way too much.
  6. From my experiance of trying out an electric i got better results from doing a 'wet shave' but irritation drove me to stay clear from it.
  7. I suppose its just a matter of personal opinion.
    Al try the razor both in and out of the shower and see what I prefer.
    Iam not expecting any miracles from electric shaving and if it turns out to be a disaster then at least I didnt pay that much for the razor.
    My Dad actually shaves with a very expensive Braun razor. He has very sensitive skin and I have tried to convert him back to wet shaving but he is to set in his ways.
    He washes his face with hot water. Dries off. Applies Clinique electric shave primer, shaves, applies nivea balm, shaves any missed parts with a fusion and then applies more nive balm.
    Very weird I know but thats just what he does.
  8. Andy

    Andy Contributor

    I think that you would be better off using the electric dry.
    Back when I used an electric razor I found that a little bit of talc brushed on the face a few minutes before shaving gave a really good close shave.
    Just my .02c
  9. I was addicted to Lectric Shave back in the electric days, if I didn't slop is all over my face I would get nasty irritation. I think the concept is that it drys out the hairs, making it easier for the rotating blades/foils to snap the hairs off cleanly. The prep wetshavers do has the opposite effect of softening and moisturizing the hairs, it's incompatible with an electric preshave regime.
  10. +1 on the talc for comfort. It might dull the razor prematurely, but it makes for a more comfortable shave.

    - Chris

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