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  1. I received this today. Scent is great. Gonna use it tonight. Anybody else have experience with this cream?
  2. I have the soap and I love the smell, soap is easy to lather and works great. I cant imagine the cream being nothing but great too!!
  3. It's a great cream, my favorite so far. There are quite a few threads here that sing its praises.
  4. I've seen a lot of posts that this stuff is great, but what the heck does sea buckthorn smell like? I've got no clue on this one...
  5. It's a fantastically full, rounded and mellow citrus. Not sure how to describe it further, but almost like a dense, creamy scent. It's a mellow citrus in the way that it doesn't have the "spritz" of lemon or lime, if that makes sense? It's a perfect citrus scent for winter weather, as it lacks said "spritz." It's very long lasting, at least the scent of the ASB is. The ASB is also very thick and protective, again perfect for colder weather.

    The cream itself is very well performing, thick and protective. I'm sure one could add more water to increase glide as well. The soap is nice too, but I seem to have some allergic reaction to it unfortunately.

    You owe it to yourself to smell this scent!
  6. I have the soap and cream, and in my opinion the soap is better.It is a good cream, I was just expecting it to be better, I have many creams under $5 that I prefer, however YMMV.
  7. Made some lather with the cream last night. The scent is very nice. The cream is denser than the other two creams I have used so far- Proraso and GFT Violet. Lather was easy to build and appeared to have good staying power. I shaved with my new puck of MWF last night but will use the EJ Sea Buckthorn tonight. Thanks for your replies.
  8. I also have the soap. Lathers great and it smells pretty good (a little to sweet smelling for me but not bad).
  9. I have the EJ aloe soap and cream and they both perform well. One day I'll get around to trying the sea buckthorn ones.
  10. Had a sample of the AS balm, the scent is amazing, will be trying the rest of the line in the future.
  11. I have the cream and soap and both are great performers. With the cream I noticed that I needed to use a bit more water than with other creams.
  12. I'm going to have to try this one out too. Yet another thing on the wishlist.
  13. I had it, I liked it. I also had the aftershave balm. Its a fruity sort of smell. Im thinking of getting the soap.
  14. I hope it's as good as everyone is saying. My order should be here Tuesday.
  15. Ive used this cream twice now and really like it. It is denser (drier may be a better word) than the other creams I have used (Bigelow and GFT violet) but it builds a very nice lather and the scent is light and unique. It is an ambiguous word to use to describe it but it smells very clean. There is nothing synthetic about the scent at all.

    DaveNJ74- hope you enjoy this as much as I have.
  16. I've had the soap for a while and just bought a tub of the cream. I was surprised at how dry it was compared to others I've used. Can't wait to crack it open.
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  18. this is my reference cream. the score is 100. so far, all other have been below that.

  19. Love the soap (Mühle version), haven't tried the cream. Great scent and great lather!
  20. Luc-

    I read through the thread you referenced. Glad to read I'm not the only individual who has had difficulty describing the scent of this cream.

    The good news is I bought the tub and I am happy I did. It is only the 3rd cream I have tried so far, but I would definitely buy this again.

    On my "to get" list of creams are:
    1. Salters Lime or Sublime Citrus
    2. Razorock XXX
    3. TOBS avocado
    4. ???

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