EJ DE89BA11 Barley Chrome

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by xillion, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. xillion

    xillion Contributor

    Just received the new Edwin Jagger DE89BA11 Barley Chrome plated. The quality of the plating is superb.
    The handle is a bit heavier (47 grams) than the DE89L (44 grams). The knurling is very fine, to me it feels like a
    fatter ball end Old Type. Overall the razor is nicely balanced and feels great in the hand. I will give it a go tomorrow.


    Weight comparison from left: Mühle R89/R41 handle, EJDEA89L handle, DE89BA11 handle, DE89BA11 complete.
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  2. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor


    I'll be watching for the post shave review.

    Nice looking thread here starting out!
  3. That is a nice razor! I may have to pick one up soon. Congrats. :thumbup:
  4. Where could I get just the handle, it would fit a EJ89 right??
  5. That looks really good. Kind of makes me regret buying a DE89L just a month or so ago.
  6. xillion

    xillion Contributor

    I don't think you can just buy the handle, unless you find one on BST.
    I paid $35 shipped from TESC. Ordered on April 3 and received it today.

    The head is the same as the EJ89 so it fits perfectly.
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  7. They really have the chrome plating process down to a art, I'm gonna be late for work some morning just from staring at mine too long before I put it up.
  8. I just googled it and your right, I'll have to keep an eye out, I'm in love with that handle...
  9. I am imagining this is a pic of you on the left. Am I right? :lol:

    View attachment 157394
  10. Wow! Your pictures make the barley finish look a lot nicer than the others I've seen.

    I don't need another one. I don't need another one. I don't need another one... :arf: :nono:
  11. oh now I want one :tongue_sm. WHAT IS TESC!
    Everyone has it for 47 usd
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  12. I love it, I have a regular 89 and I get my hand all slippery when I shave, does this one have a better grip?
  13. nav


    Is the new razor lighter than the original DE89? I read the new EJ line is lighter than the original line of razors.
  14. xillion

    xillion Contributor

    No, the Barley chrome is 3 grams heavier than my DE89L.
  15. Why do I keep opening this thread up? I've got a EJ87 thats my go to, my mainstay, my numero uno. I don't need another razor with the same head, I don't "need" another razor at all! Yet here I am, looking at those pics again, I knew this would happen, I had looked at the pics at WCS and TESC. They were ok, but I knew someone on here would get one and start putting up better pics and sure enough....
    Anyone else remember the scene in Tombstone where Doc Holiday asks Wyatt Earp what he would do if "that" girl walked up to him? I do, and unlike Wyatt I'm no oak.
  16. :lol::lol::lol: You're not alone...
  17. nav


    The weird thing is I actually prefer my lighter Muhle R89 to the EJ DE86 razor. For some strange reason, the Muhle gives me a better, more comfortable shave no matter if its with Feather or Shark blades.

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