Ej de89 vs muhle r89 vs r41 vs futur

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which is better under nose?

  1. ej de89

  2. muhle 89

  3. muhle r41

  4. futur

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  1. Which do you guys think is good razor to shave under the nose? i need a razor asap. never had 1 before so it be my 1st time using it. from my research these models seems to be really famous in this forum. which works for you guys under nose?
  2. You see these models are famous, but there is also something much more famous mentioned quite frequently;

    If you are unaware of the acronym, it means your mileage may vary. You could get a response for every razor, plus ones not even on the list saying they are the best for shaving under that persons nose. And that's just it... That person's upper lip prefers a certain type of razor where as another persons upper lip is stubbly or bleeding after a shave.

    My suggestion to you sir is to start off mild and simple, and figure out what works best for you. The R41 from what I head (never used one) has one heck of a learning curve. The futur is one heck of a machine, but may be a bit cumbersomers to a new guy between its adjustments and beefy size. If I were you, I would probably start off with the DE89 or the R89. In other words, walk before you start running. Is it possible you could hit a home run and be a natural with the R41 or the Futur? Sure. But your far more likely to succeed and be able to hone your skills using a simple non-adjustable mild razor.
  3. thanks for the response. i dont have good english so if i start with lets say futur would it be good? cause everytime i shave my under nose i always get cut
  4. I voted for the Muhle R41 as it gives an extremely close shave, but beware it is not for the uninitiated. So in your case it may not be the best. Once you become accustomed to this razor though it will give excellent results.
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  5. The EJ DE89 & the Muhle R89 are the same head, either of these would be good for a newer shaver, the Futur always looks too big to me and the R41 has a reputation for being aggressive until you have mastered the technique for using that razor. Of course having said that I have nicked myself with the EJ DE89 but not any of my open comb razors.
  6. With practice, I have found my Futur as efficient under the nose as any I have tried. Caution: lots of blade exposure.
  7. I voted for the EJ DE89 since I own one, and think it is a great razor. Though most razors would do a decent job between the upper lip/nose, as long as you are using good lather, and moving your nose to the side with the hand that is not holding the razor, or using some across the grain passes ( side to side)
  8. There are much more important considerations than which one shaves well under the nose. All of them are capable of that. How well they do for *you* is more a matter of your technique than of the razor's capabilities.

    - Mark
  9. YMMV applies to this question as well. Are you sure that your cuts are due to the razor and not due to your technique? If the Futur cut everyone in the same place then people probably wouldn't use it. Again, YMMV. That said, using the milder options -- the DE89 or R89 -- may help.
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  10. Is cutting under the nose your number one priority? If so, most would rule out the Futur. Its head is the most bulky of all listed.

    What else is important to you though in a razor? I have all of the razors you listed. All very different, but I am not sure what you are looking for.
  11. In the hands of an experienced shaver, any of the razors would do. Equipment is almost always less important than technique.

    You might read the tutorials or watch some shaving videos on YouTube before investing in another razor. Your problems might stem from prep, blade choice, angle, pressure or shaving against the direction of your beard growth too soon.

    More information would be helpful.
  12. have used both 89's, same result. the little area right next to the nostril opening I was able to get much easier with my Merkur HD, but with practice I've been able to get the 89 to achieve the same result, just a bit more challenging.

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