EJ 89 vs Mühle R89. Opinions??

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  1. Which razor is the better of the two? Shave, craftsmanship, grip etc?
  2. Here's as much of an "official" answer as I know, as I've asked this question before.

    The razor head (singular) was designed as a joint venture between Mühle and Edwin Jagger. The heads are made from the same CAD drawing, but manufactured by each company respectively at their own plants using their own machinery. They are as identical as two products can get without actually being the same product. I've heard that the EJ89 is slightly better in terms of fit and finish, but there is no practical difference. I have the EJ89, but I'm a huge Mühle fanboy, so in my mind, I have the R89. :001_smile I've not seen an R89 in person, so I can't say first hand how pronounced the difference is. Obviously, the handles are unique to each manufacturer.

    Hope this answers your question!
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  3. Good answer. I was wondering about this myself.
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    I agree with Chamm. The two heads are virtually identical, the only difference being different handles. I use a bulldog handle but, if you're going to use the original, then buy based on handle type. If not, I would buy the cheaper of the two heads. JMO
  5. It's a decent head?
  6. More than decent. Fantastic, albeit pretty mild. Not as mild as a tech. But less aggressive than, say, a SuperSpeed flare tip.
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    Do you own any razors or will this be your first purchase?
  8. I'd say the R89/DE89 is a medium aggression head & coupled with decent build quality, fit & finish therein lies its popularity. Same shave as a Fatboy @5 for me.
  9. For all practical purposes the heads are identical. Buy the one with the handle that has your fancy.
  10. First purchase. Really like the rose gold handle of the Mühle.
  11. how many other joint venture designs have been done by modern companies. I like the idea of trying 2 razors made from the same design. It would make a for a fun challenge deciding which is better.
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    I think you would be happy with either. They are fine first razor choices.
  13. EJ. Even better quality control. Plus if you order from EJ you know what you're getting. This is in stark contrast from Muhle. Muhle reserves the right to change a product spec in complete stealth with obfuscation to boot... without either notice or version labeling. Sad but true.
  14. My understanding is that, as chamm mentioned, the head is identical in terms of design as a mutual venture.

    The handles are the only real difference, so if you like the Muhle handle enough to pay an extra $30 (I did), then that's a great choice. Otherwise the barley handle (or maybe lined) are options for the EJ.

    Honestly, I replaced the handles on my razors with a Tech fat handle. If you get one in chrome from Krona Kruiser it will match the finish, I think.
  15. The EJ handles feel a lot nicer than Muhle handles to me.
  16. Yes you've got that right
  17. EJ was my first razor over a year ago. I have since changed the handle to a weber bulldog II and use two shims on it. It is a great first razor, but some quickly learn they need a more aggressive razor. I'm not sure of your beard but mine is coarse. If you think this might be to mild for you the S.L.A.B might be something to look at too. It's head is said to be a little more aggressive, although it looks the same, and the handle is worth the price alone.
  18. That looks like a bad ass razor.
  19. Search the forums here too, this comes up a lot and there is a lot of good info on this topic already in the DE threads.

    fwiw, still live my jagger.
  20. I had EJ89, then sold it, used other razors for some period, and now I use R89.
    I also have a brand new R89 JET sitting in a box. :)

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