Egg Nog, what do you put in it?

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by Kilroy08, Nov 5, 2012.

What spikes your Nog?

  1. Rum

  2. Whisky

  3. Other

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  1. The time of year is upon us when we say, "To hell with the hazards of uncooked eggs, let's just pour some booze in and call it good."

    So who puts what and how much in their 'Nog?

    Last year I did three fingers of Knob Creek in a half gallon batch. My brother and aunt agreed with me that it was in need of more fortification. (Other family members not big on real nog, had to tone it down a bit)

    This year, I need to do a "Family Friendly" batch with just enough for taste along with some high test "Santa's Sleigh Fuel." I'm thinking Canadian. Either Canadian Club or Seagram's.

    One last question. Would Moon Shine work in egg nog? I'm sure some adventurous soul has tried it.
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  2. Gotta Love some Irish Whiskey in it.:thumbup:
  3. ackvil

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    Tradition in my family has always put rum in it. Largely because nobody else drank it and it seemed a good way to use it up. :scared:
  4. I use Irish whisky, to be exact.
  5. Oooh, I bet Irish Whiskey would be great in Egg Nog. Never even crossed my mind til now.
  6. Brandy, fresh nutmeg, hand whisked egg whites, milk, heavy cream, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract. Mmmmm...
  7. I voted rum, but I actually put 3/4 cup of rum & 1/2 cup of brandy (half gallon of eggnog). I don't know that I'd try moonshine though - shot glasses only.
  8. Captain Morgan & plenty of it! A little cinnamon & nutmeg. Store bought stuff 'cause I'm too lazy to make my own!

    I voted rum, but I tried some Evan Williams pre-made stuff with whiskey that was on sale - not too bad. By the time I got back to the Liquor Barn they were sold out.

  9. Rum for me typically. I think this year I might try a little Jameson in it.
  10. My wife likes Captain Morgan in hers... not at all un-tasty... and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is pretty good, with a all together different spice taste, and at 92 proof has much more oomph than the Captain.

    But me, I like to spice things up with the Austin Nichols Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Bourbon!!
  11. tsv


    I votes whiskey, but now I have a lot of other ideas to try. Thanks guys. Gonna need more egg nog.
  12. I usually put a pretty good snort of Myers's Rum in my nog. A bottle of rum lasts me a couple of years. I can't stand it normally but love it with egg nog.
  13. Egg Nog??? My favorite rum to 'spike' with Nog is the Puerto Rican 3 Star Ron del Barralito...awesome on ice or neat. [​IMG]

    I get this rum On-line from the 'Grand Wine Seller', but sadly they don't ship either internationally nor to Iowa, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Dakota, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas and Utah (must be a state Tax thing).

    The Grand Wine Sellar


    [​IMG] "Hey...Don't Hog the Nog". Author Unknown
  14. No alcohol here. Just some fresh grated nutmeg on top.
  15. brandy. but whiskey will be dandy
  16. Mad Man's recipe for Egg Nog.

    3 fingers of any whiskey over ice.

    Throw eggs at mother in law.
  17. Laz


    Great recipe!

    I add Maker's Mark to my egg nog
  18. vodka.
  19. Ambien
  20. I usually like a dark rum, such as Goslings, but I also like it with bourbon. I find that the smooth creamy taste of eggnog calls for spirit with some bite!

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