Edwin Jagger Vs. Muhle

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  1. Let me see if I can gain an understanding of the differences between these two razors.

    The EJ is a fine razor and the B&B denizens seems to agree on that, as do I. The Muhle razors also seem to enjoy a following on B&B. I don't believe I've heard much negative about either razor. Now my question. What make the Muhle razor worth more than the EJ? My understanding is that the Muhle uses an EJ DE89 head. Is it the handle that improves the EJ that much?
  2. That's a great question you asked.

    To my knowledge both razors have the same heads but the handles are slightly different.

    What are the differences?

    Just two areas, one is aesthetic and the other is weight.

    The Muhles to me look just a bit nicer and a bit lighter.

    Is it worth the price difference?

    To me it does.

    The end result is I sold all my razors and now own three Muhles, one black, one white and one chrome.

    These three razors were RAD killers for me.

    Of course YMMV.
  3. +1 with the exception of the Muhle R41 2011 head, the rest is down to the eye of the beholder.
  4. i started with an EJ and after getting a Muhle R89, also have started switching or trying to stick with MUHLE razors.

    great build, but pricey (unless you look around...Connaught Shaving)

    i don't think you can go wrong with either EJ or Muhle, they are both fine razors and they heads are identical on the closed combs and give great shaves.
  5. Identical twins in different clothing; one speaks English, the other speaks German.
  6. I just got my second EJ because I maintain two shave dens at different locations. I'm not gonna even TRY a Muhle razor. I might like it!

    Seriously, they are twins, are they worth the extra cost? I would say no, but who am I to question another man's decision? I would not get a Muhle, though.

    this razor, the Muhle R89, is 2.2 oz and 3.7 inches long

    This razor uses the same head, and is 2.6 oz and 3.75 inches long.


    They are both fantastic razors, I would say neither is the better of the two, they are twins. The Edwin Jagger is (I think) inarguably a better value for the money. It all boils down to handle preference and what you are willing to pay. The two I have are the octagonal black handle and the Barley Chrome.

    EJ razor photo:

    Muhle R89 photo:
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  7. Good responses as I expected there would be.

    I did read the interview with Andreas Muller. He indicated the the new R41's are a more aggressive head design. The new design replaced the older R41. Does anyone here have experience with either?

    One more question. Does Muhle buy the EJ heads completed or unfinished? The interview indicated they have their own standards for finish.

    Finally, I wholeheartedly agree with the opinion that the EJ's are fine shavers. I have an EJ DE87 in Faux Ivory, and really like the razor.
  8. Other way around, EJ buys the heads from Muhle. I don't know the answer to the finish question, though.
  9. Pictures here are of the chrome lined EJ. If you compare the barley chrome version, there is even less difference.
  10. Changed to the Barley Chrome.
  11. Aha. Didn't know that. Thanks.
  12. Ive used both, and personally I enjoy the EJ version better. The handle feels hollow and empty on the muhle, not knocking that, just wasnt for me. Although it is a beautiful razor, well both are actually. Im currently looking to upgrade mine with a bobs razor works handle in the near future, so all discussion should be null and void for me at that point.....lol
  13. Most has been covered I guess. The price difference is typical for the US btw. Here they are priced (almost) the same so my guess is there is a pricing policy for the US I simply don't get but I do suspect EJ and Mühle have some sort of agreement on this.
  14. That is not accurate. The Mühle/EJ head was designed by Neil Jagger, the master craftsman that founded the Edwin Jagger company. As for the heads, both brands share the machinery to produce them.
  15. They are buddy companies. But buy ej cause its cheaper. :)
  16. I have one of each, they are the same bar the name, its a strange set up.
  17. I have a new R41 and it is very aggressive. From what I have read, the older design was fairly mild.
  18. I stand corrected! That's new information to me, thank you.
  19. RazoRock

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    The razor heads are identical.

    The answer is quite simple...

    Muhle has a distributor in North America; retailers have to buy from this distributor (if you want to carry Muhle products), EJ sells direct to retailers. The difference in price is due to the distributors mark-up; in Europe, the price of Muhle and EJ razors are very close, only in North America are they different.

    The problem with this strategy is... razors are very lightweight and economical to ship overseas. Most smart consumers have just gone ahead and purchased their Muhle razors from Europe; thus the distributor is actually hurting the retailer.

    Hopefully this adds some clarity.
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    What's the handle like on the R41. Is it the same lightweight handle as on the 89?

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