Edwin jagger open comb?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by narativesoul, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. i have been looking around and, no luck. does edwin jagger make a open comb. I love my de89 and would love a open comb version
  2. Guess you'll have to go with the Muhle version, the R41.

    Muhle makes the heads for all the EJ razors. The only difference is the handles.
  3. The old style EJ and Muhle razor was an open comb. I bought one yesterday, and shaved with it today. It is probably the best shave out of a DE I've ever had. If you treat it with respect, you will get a truely great shave.

  4. Wow! That's a cool razor. I didn't even know those existed.
  5. I have one -- they don't make it anymore, presumably because the heads suffered quality control issues (for example, the cap was way too small for the comb. The blade wasn't adequately pinned down). I put a Merkur head cap on it and it performed better.

    It's a SERIOUS open-comb razor. It's more aggressive than even a Slant. It gives a good shave but offers you no quarter for mistakes.
  6. The new Muhle R41 is still available at the Muhle webshop:


    It is a wonderful shaver!

    No quality issues with the modern Muhles.
    Top notch.

  7. It is a nice, but unforgiving, razor indeed but it was never sold by EJ AFAIK.

    It wasn't made by Mühle either, just sold under their brand name. It was produced by Fatip (Italy) and the same head is/was mounted on the Joris open comb razors
  8. Sweet!
  9. +1 The new R41 is a great razor and probably the first one I would buy again if I lost my all my razors today. :thumbup1:

  10. I think you're spot on. The one I bought was actually branded as a Premax. Same razor, just a different branding. It's a heck of a good razor.

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