Edwin Jagger DE89L appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by cswann1, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Well, the title says it all.

    Lets hear from all you DE89 owners (doesn't have to be an "L").

    I'm a new wet-shaver of about a month or so. After having used the oh-so-unrefined-chainsaw-shave with an electric for roughly 15 years or so, I decided to learn to do it right.

    I actually jumped right into straights, and it wasn't too bad. I got a decent shave if a bit uncomfortable (I'm sure I could've gotten better over time), but I'm not looking to make a hobby from my morning shave. There's just more effort involved in maintenance than I'm willing to live with for now.
    So, enter the DE...

    ..After a fair amount of research I settled on the EJ DE89L.

    After only two shaves I can honestly say that I'm getting as smooth and comfortable a shave as I've ever had. And I expect with a bit more practice I'll get even better.

    As far as my choice of razor, I couldn't be happier. The thing is beautiful and feels like it'll outlast me by a couple of generations. I know that I have almost no frame of reference, but then I really don't need one to know that I am very pleased with this razor. Looking at the prices of a lot of razors I am doubly happy with my choice and don't expect that I'll want to try any others for some time if ever.:thumbup:
  2. Den


    Give it time my friend....give it time. :001_smile
  3. Great post title! I have an EJ-DE89L myself and love it. I had previously used a Parker 96r, and two merkurs before finding this beauty. It gives such a smooth shave that I wonder if I'm really shaving at all. It looks beautiful as well and is just a great razor for the price. There is an EJ-DE89 fan club in the community forums that gives a great deal of info on the razor, blades to go with it, maintenance, etc. I found shark blades work great with it. What have you been using?
  4. Thanks for the info. So far I've used a Derby (got a pack with the razor) and a Isreali Crystal Platinum. The razor is so smooth that it's tough to tell the difference between them. I'm sure over time I'll develop a feel for different blades.

    I also have a couple of packs of the German Wilkinsons that Wal-Mart is carrying that I want to try, and a B&B member, tchmango has generously offered to send me a few blades to try, which should be arriving any day.
  5. I started wet shaving around April, when I stumbled across a Red Tip, although I did not know a Red Tip from a tooth fairy at that time. Then I was the recipient of a most generous PIF which included a EJ89L.

    Since then I've tried an Executive Adjustable, and a tech, but I keep going back to the EJ.

    At the risk of repeating myself, I really love my EJ.
  6. I started with a DE89 in June. Used it exclusively for about 2 months. Now I haven't used it much lately. Too many others to try. I did use it a couple of weeks ago and got a great shave.
  7. Stopping in to show some love for a great razor. :thumbup1:
  8. I have an EJ86 which is the black handled version of the EJ89. Does that count ???

    I bought it a few months ago from the English Shaving Company when they had their "Free shipping" promotion.

    The EJ86 is my best looking razor and gives a fine shave. I keep toying with the idea of buying the EJ87 so as to have the matching set.

    I used it this morning, and yesterday, and the day before. Got some fine shaves !
  9. Hey, it's close enough for the girls I hang with:tongue_sm
  10. Got a EJ Black Handle razor about a month ago.

    It is so smooth!

    I'm getting DFS and BBS shaves with little effort.

    The Muhle head is very forgiving and works at my difficult spots (under the nose, chin and lower neck) that result in no nicks or weepers.

    Great built quality and sure is pretty.
  11. I have been selling some of my unused razors here on the BST so I can buy the DE89L. I can't wait to get it!!
  12. Where is the community forum? I want to find the de89l fan club? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I'm not having any luck finding this one either:bored:
  14. I love my EJ89L too! I bought a few vintage razors and didn't like them at all I always went back to my EJ. Now it's the only razor I own! I did order a slant and am wait for it to get here so I can try it out.
  15. Is the Edwin Jagger DE89's head the same as the Jagger Chatsworth Barley Classic's head?
  16. Had an aluminum Tech, a 40s Super Speed and a 47 Aristocrat to begin with. Then I got the DE89L, the RAD killer! Sold the Tech, use the Super Speed for travel, and thinking of selling the Aristocrat. I use my 89L with Super Iridums and am not looking back!
  17. I love my '89L so much I just bought the dedicated razor stand for it (shame it's stuck in the sorting office until after the weekend) - great shaver, and a great looker too :001_smile
  18. I just checked my mail a few minutes ago and there was my gift-package from tchmango. :w00t: Among others is a Super Iridium which after reading so much about, I have a feeling that it'll be my bade-o-choice too.

    Internet, I did a little looking and I couldn't find information, one way or another, but just looking at pics I'd say it's the same head. And wow, that is one handsome razor.
  19. All EJ head are exactly the same (from what I can tell) just different handles.
  20. There is an EJ89 social club that I will join once I've been here for 45 day. I'm a big fan of this razor. I purchased the EJ89L a few weeks ago and love it. It's gorgeous, highly effective and solidly built. Very reasonably priced too, imho.:thumbup1:

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