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    I am thinking about purchasing one of these three razors, but would like to ask a question to those who own them.
    Do the DE86 (Black handle), the DE87 (Ivory handle) and DE89 (Smooth Chrome handle) have a good grip?
    I mean, since they all have a smooth handle, do you have problems while shaving with wet hands?
    Among the three listed my preference seems to be towards the DE89 with Chrome finish: I really like its shiny look.
    The other two, DE86 and DE87, are good options as well.


    Please note: I have intentionally NOT mentioned the DE89L, with lines on the handle.
    Please give your opinion exclusively on the three razors listed.
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  2. I have the smooth, chrome handle model. There's no problem when my hand or the razor is wet, but if either is soapy, then it's hard to hold the razor right and I have to rinse it off. Not a big deal, and I have no regrets about buying the 89. I have a Super Speed too with a knurled, easy-to-grip handle, but I still prefer the EJ.

    Best regards!
  3. I have the EJ87, if the handle gets wet I just wipe it with a towel, truly these razors are fantastic, the best razor I've ever owned :thumbup:.
  4. I went with the DE89L (lined version) and couldn't be happier.
  5. I had the 89 and loved it. I sold it when I switched to straights and recently bought a Muhle 89 (same head) to replace it.

    In my opinion as long as you aren't the clumsiest person on earth (I'm close) you won't have a problem holding on to it. Just don't dip your entire razor in shaving cream because that might cause problems...
  6. Another EJ DE87 satisfied user, no problems with grip, but a lot of well shaves done by this razor. I know that the DE87, DE99 and DE86 users seems to be enablers, but this razor works great, we tell the truth about those razors, they give comfortable and easy shaves.
  7. I own the 86 and use it in the shower. Never a problem with losing my grip on the plastic handle.
  8. I also own the DE86 and never had a problem retaining grip, even when wet. I don't think the design is prone to slippage.
  9. I find the DE89L slippery if I get soap on my hand.Would prefer knurled but not a big deal.
  10. I have the Mühle R89 and there is no grip problem with it, the handle is not smooth so it helps...

    Don't shoot me I'm out...:tongue_sm
  11. I have an '87 and I do find it a bit slippery if soap gets on it. However the little knob on the bottom is ridged and can be gripped satisfactorily if necessary. Otherwise a very well-constructed razor indeed.

  12. I have an 87 and love it. I never really get a lot of soap on the handle, but if I do I just wipe it off. Even when it's wet you can still grip it fairly well.
  13. I used to own a DE87 (Ivory). It is a great razor. That said, I've been smitten by RAD and so have moved on to others. I never had an issue with the DE87 handle becoming slippery or hard to hang on to while using. Frankly, I've tried any number of different razors and haven't had any trouble holding on to any of them.

    As an FYI... I shave immedately after showering....
  14. The chrome or lined chrome handle CAN be slippery. At home, for the first week or so after the water softener had cycled, I can't hold on to it. With the normal-to-slightly-hard city water where I work, I have no problem as long as I rinse off any soap.

    Hope this helps.

  15. I have a DE89L...Fine tool, no regrets and no problems when wet. Also have Super Speed
  16. I have a DE89 (L) model and find it a fantastic razor, it's my "go to" one. At first I was a little worried that it might be prone to slipping, as I was using a vintage Gillette prior to this and the Gillettes have grip to spare. But my fears were un-founded.

    I think which ever one of these EJ's that you get will make you happy, they're such wonderful shaving instruments.

  17. A bit of wet hands work, but just take care to wipe your hands on something if you get lather/soap on them.

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