Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Lined Safety Razor **SOLD**

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  1. Taz


    Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Lined Safety Razor
    Company Line:
    Edwin Jagger, Europe's leading manufacturer of finest hand made shaving equipment, has combined modern manufacturing technology and traditional Sheffield hand skills to produce the traditionally shaped, all metal Chatsworth Lined Range. Machined from solid brass, hand polished and triple plated with copper, nickel and blue white chrome or pure 23 carat gold these items are all hand assembled and finished. The decorative lined patterning further accentuates the handle shape and adds wet grip.
    The traditional safety razor is impressively weighty and offers a simple but effective, single cutting action similar to that of open bladed cut throat razors. The traditional style will look fabulous in any bathroom. You may choose from three blade types.
    This razor has been used twice. Like new. New price $133 sell for $100 shipped outside US contact me for shipping price
    Muhle Safety-Razor | No. R 89
    Company Line:
    This chrom-plated model echoes the classic style of razors from the early 1900\ s and not only gives a thorough shave, but is a great value as well when one considers the price of 3- or 4- blade shaving systems. Especially good for travel, as this razor uses the traditional safety blades available the world over.
    This razor has been used once. Like New. New Price $31 Sell for $25 Shipped outside US contact me for price.
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  2. pm for MP Silver...
  3. I sure wish someone would buy that Chatsworth before my will power fails, besides I just purchased a Mastro Livi regrind and can't afford another DE right now. Help me out!!
    I have a chrome Chatsworth with ivory plastic handle, they do shave very well, and the gold lined razors are just plain classy.
  4. If it was the silver version, Don would already have my $$$$.....
  5. darn if that didn't just make my heart pitter patter. hmmm. one crispy Benjamin, eh?......... A beaut if I ever saw one...

    /chops off index finger to stop further mouse clicks
  6. Taz


    89 is sold, The beautiful big heavy gold beauty is still for sale:001_tt1:
  7. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Hands down my favorite razor, Can't praise it enough.:thumbup1:
  8. Taz


  9. I'll take the Chatsworth if its still available. PM sent.
  10. Taz


    All Sold:thumbup1:
  11. Received the Chatsworth today and its a beautiful razor.

    Thanks and +1 for Don a.k.a. Taz!


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