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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by slantman, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Congratulations to the winner of this NOS Gillette New. The winning bid was $106.50 + $5.95 USPS Priority.
  2. I saw that too... Congrats to the winner!
  3. I wonder how similiar the short comb NEW's head is to the New De Luxe. I know that the Tuckaway's head looks very close to the New Improved's.
  4. The short and long comb New heads are very similar but not exactly the same and not flat like the De Luxe. The Tuckaway is a New Improved.


  5. Might as well tip the hat to whomever paid $515 for this President today while we're at it.
  6. $515 thats nearly a mortgage payment on a small house....well here neway.....geez
  7. I will second that. I know who won that beauty but i do not want to be the one to say who it is in case the buyer wants to remain anonymous. Let's just say it is going to remain in the collection of a beloved B&B member. :thumbup1:

    BTW - I am not the seller nor the buyer.
  8. I put it on my watch list just to see how high it would go. Glad it ended up here. This is what the 'big dogs' buy. Me, I'm a 'grimy Tech' pup :biggrin1:
  9. Did everybody notice the original price on this razor $5

    But today I saw a 1969 Mustang with only 56 original miles sell in auction for
  10. Strange that the comments seem to condone the high price because it was won by a BSD member. Otherwise, everyone would be flaming the buyer for being a sucker to pay that much and on the Bay at that!!!
  11. +1
  12. Presidents command high dollar. This one is minty, has a beautiful case and the cardboard box.

    Check this thread for some price examples.

    If one has the cash to put down, I really don't believe this was out of line. Clearly others thought so as well, given the bidding action.

    Edit: or just go straight to this post:

  13. I'm confused...you point to a thread that shows examples of previous President sales and the highest price paid is $206., yet you then say the $515. razor price is justified! I guess with that logic, the Gillette 195 for $995. is not so high after all LOL.
  14. In terms of collector's value, who knows what the cardboard box and original price sign are worth. A lot, to be sure.

    I feel bad now to have hijacked the original OP, was just throwing in another example of a nice piece that went off on the Bay today. My apologies to slantman.
  15. I bid on the Gillette New myself, but dropped out when it went into the $30 range -- that far out from the end, I thought it might well top $100 by end of auction. Looks like I was close on that guess.

    I can't say it seemed excessive to me, as a pristine example has got to be fairly rare. Having collected comics and books for some time, I can say that the price in those fields for mint versus near mint represents a fairly steep drop-off.

    Some of the value is going to be purely in the eye of the beholder, as well. I have a Gillette blue tip I wouldn't sell for $1000, simply because it came to me through my family, and a Merkur Futur I bought off of Amazon that may go to fuel RAD if I find I like another type of razor better.

    In the end, I suppose a collectible is worth what the collector sees it as being worth.

    Sincerely and smooth-cheekedly,

  16. +1. I personally wouldn't pay that much, but I'm not a serious collector. If it's the last piece to complete an extensive collection, I see no reason for the price to be fairly high. Especially given the condition.
  17. Congrats to both purchasers. Buying a NOS razor is much like religion, for those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who don't no explanation is possible.
  18. Ram, do you know what the date code is? Congrats to the buyer, that is the nicest President set I have ever seen. :001_tt1:
  19. Just to to clear the air, I am the buyer of the President. Yes the price is more than I would have wished it to be but this is by far the cleanest and complete set I have ever seen. This is for a collection only, not your everyday shaver. What some folks fail to realize is that a collection such as mine is an investment and will only go up over the years.
    Yes this was a gap in my collection. Ram knows what my collection is like and this needed to be added.
    Some people collect stamps (why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for a little square piece of paper is beyond me...:wink2:), I collect razors, Gillettes to be exact.
    The fact that this set has the box (minus a tab) the booklet and the original price loop sets the bar much higher than just the razor and case.

    Thanks for the comments, oh and yes was just about a mortgage payment....:biggrin:
  20. Ray, i agree with your post on this matter and think that the price you paid is dead on, would not expect to pay any less for that beauty. I bet same time next year this piece would be worth twice what you paid for it now and as you noted it would only go up over the years. Sure you can still find mint President razors, sometimes with the case and the added blade pack but a complete set like this is going to be harder and more expensive. It's better than buying stocks at Google. :001_tongu

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