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  1. My first experience with the Red Pack Personnas was not the best and I posted my dislike of the reds, that are available on Ebay. I now confess that they have been giving me some of the best shaves.

    The first pack that I opened had a lot of glue on the blades, which I did not like. Since then I have been switching around and have found the red ones to be quite good little shavers. I still use them only once and then toss them. At 10 cents a blade this is affordable, since they don't give me good shaves the second time around.

    I've also said that I can get a good shave with just about any double edge blade, which I can, BUT... The cheaper blades, like the store brand Personnas in the cool dispenser, require more passes and sometimes fatigue my face, unless I am just going for a quick WTG pass or maybe an angled XTG.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share how I have come to like the little red packed blades, even if I don't like the cheesy little paper packages they come in. And the ones that have the coolest package have not been as friendly to me as I first thought.
  2. Dennis --

    When the Red-Pack faux-IP's were first offered, there were a number of folks that were pretty harsh on them --unfairly, I thought. I was one of the few guys that considered them to be a decent blade.

    I use Derbys, Feathers, Gillette Platinums, and Red-packs. All of these afford very close BBS shaves, but I tend to be attentive to what I have used whenever I have a truly exceptional shave. In the interveniing months, every time I got a truly super-duper comfortable shave --it was a Red-Pack faux-IP blade I got it with. It's not quite as sharp as the others. But it's sharp enough to readily give a BBS, and it is by far the smoothest, most comfortable blade I use.

    I've since reordered them. (don't want to run out, you know...) I use them for three shaves and swap them out.

    -- John Gehman
  3. I ate me a crow once too, I hope I'm never that hungry again any time soon!
  4. oh I don't know, if you put enough hot sauce on it, it aint to bad...
  5. The wrapper glue that sticks to the blade is a pain...but if I didn't have 100 Derby Extras on their way..I'd order more. I gave away packs with some razors I sold on the bay to kinda spread the Faux IP gospel. OK...I'll order more anyway....

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