Earl grey?

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  1. I'm a hardcore coffee drinker:thumbup1:

    At the office, the coffee is decent, but it never changes...ever. So for variety, I grabbed a tea bag of bigelows Earl grey and I like it:thumbup:

    I figure if it is free at work, t can't be all that and better options exist.

    So how about it b&b bros...who sells good Earl grey???
  2. I love me some earl grey. I get mine from the san francisco/atlantic spice company. Don't know how high quality it is, but the price is right.
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  3. Luc

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    Twinings is nice. If you want a stronger Bergamot taste, I would suggest Lady Grey.
  4. I like Earl Grey. Been using the Bigellow. Can't compare it to anything else, so I'm not much help with that.

    The reason for this post is that I recently heard bergamot has the same drug-enhancing substance that grapefruit juice has.

    Certain drugs are inhibited by an enzyme in the small intestines so the dosage takes that into account. Both grapefruit and bergamot have a substance that deactivates this enzyme so the affected drugs can become several times more active in the body. With some drugs (e.g. heart meds) this can be dangerous.

    Not everybody is affected the same way because different people have different amounts of this enzyme so the effect of bergamot/grapefruit may not cross the threshold where "too much" of the enzyme has been deactivated.

    Just something to consider. Maybe check with your doctor if you are on any meds.

    (I may have the details here somewhat muddled but I think the essence is about right.)
  5. I have read the same thing about bergamot. Thanks for the heads up for us all!
  6. Harney and Sons has some really nice Earl Greys. Their Earl Grey Supreme is awsome....their Viennese Earl Grey is simply fantastic!!! :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
  7. Agree. :thumbup1:

    I have an idea the OP is thinking teabags though. Do yourself a favor and get an infuser or brewing basket for ~$10 and any loose Earl Grey you buy will blow away teabags.
  8. +1...loose leaf tea will bring a whole new meaning to a good cup of tea.
  9. Taylors of Harrogate has a very interesting take on earl grey. I absolutely adore it. It is more flowery than the average earl grey tea. Talors of Harrogate is highly regarded by most tea lovers.

    Mariage Frères' Earl Grey Impérial, which is far more expensive, is also very nice. Although I prefer the Taylors of Harrogate's. However, you should definitely try Mariage Frères' Marco Polo if you have the opportunity. One of the very best teas I have ever sampled (and I am very picky, with a mainland Chinese SWMBO who only allows me to drink the finest asian teas - tea is a very important part of her family's traditions).
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  10. Indeed - forget teabags. They normally exclusively contain inferior junk.
  11. I like Stash Earl Grey. They have a great website too. Just google Stash Tea. It can be found in local stores.
  12. I stopped by whoe foods and they had all kinds of tea. They had republic of tea sold in bulk so it looked like a cheap and easy way to try a variety. I got some silver rain white whole leaf and their earl grey whole leaf and a small infuser.

    I just made my first cup of the white tea since it is late and it is FANTASTIC! No doubt it is the best cup of tea i ever had in my life. I cant wait to try the earl grey tomorrow.

    Using the infuser is kinda fun too. I hope another AD isnt started :thumbup1:
  13. Aside for a straight-up black, I do love a nice Earl Grey.
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    +1 on Twinings. That's what I usually get. Dilmar make a nice one too.
  15. I like Earl Grey tea, usually Twinnings. I use their tea bags at the office, as this is the most convenient. Earl Grey is very good for office tea, as it infuses decently with the hot water tap available on many water dispensers.

    I have made pu-er tea at the office, but it is really too much fuss and clean-up for that environment. I do not use tea bags very much at home, but do use them at work.
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    This is the only earl grey I get any more. It's one of the few that doesn't contain artificial flavors and decent quality leaf.
  17. +1 on Stash Earl Grey. For a bigger bang in flavor they also have a Double Bergamot Earl Grey, which is one of my personal favorites.
  18. can't beat free.99 coffee!
  19. I don't drink traditional teas, but I absolutely LOVE the scent of bergamot and Earl Grey, so I searched and found that JoAnna at TSD Store makes a fine recreation of the scent in her Earl Grey ASB. I love it!

    I used to live right next to the STASH Factory in Pomona CA. the variety of scents that came from that factory in the middle of the night was amazing! We left our windows open all year round just for that!
  20. Ditto. I usually do bag tea at the office, and have a pack of Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey here at my desk. Its good stuff.

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