Dutch/Belgian members, where have the Hema DE blades gone????

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by blade08, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. I checked two Hema stores in the Rotterdam area last week and this week and both were out of stock! On their website they're also out of stock! Has anyone seen these blades around recently in other Hema stores??????? :scared:
  2. I don't use them myself, so I don't know offhand, but I'll check if they are still available in Amsterdam. It would be a shame if they were discontinued, then the only locally available option would be those ridiculously expensive and not very good (for the price) Gillette Super Silver blades.
  3. You can always order your blades from www.barbershopclassics.nl
    Nice barbershop in Breukelen where you can get a straight razor shave as well
  4. I know, Paul's service is excellent, I ordered a couple of times from him before and he's great. But...I just happen to like those Hema blades......
  5. I tried those Gillette blades and I'd be better off using a part of a beer can....
  6. Have you asked their customer service? Maybe you better ask in one of their shops because getting any answer on your e-mails is not very likely (but maybe that just happened to me....).
  7. I asked in one of their shops but the employee hardly knew what I was talking about........
  8. I'll check some Belgian HEMA stores somewhere this week... Would be a shame, I liked those blades as well!
  9. I happen to like them as well ! Really excellent shaves with no nicks, and much, much better on my neck.

    I bought only one package because I was sceptical about the quality. Now I wish I bought alot more ! :biggrin:
  10. ill check when im in town, do i need to buy out the stock if i find any? (to mail to someone for example)
  11. Chances are low I think. Just checked Arnhem, out of stock (not only DE blades but for more shaving related articles)
  12. I did a third check in my local Hema today, still no DE blades to be found... Like merwtje said, most other shaving related stuff was also low on stock or out of stock. This is getting frustrating :mad:

    The last time I've seen these blades around was a couple of weeks ago when I happened to visit Hema in Oisterwijk...
  13. Oxi


    I haven't tried the Hema blades yet, because I heard they weren't that good. Not a very consistant quality.. Besides that, I love the Feathers. :)

    Coinsidently, I was planning to visit Breukelen this weekend. Just to check out the place and sniff some cologne's...
  14. eeeh i just checked: no DE blades, no shaving oil and some other stuff missing, not out of stock, there where no empty racks, so i think they discontineud them :(. Only place i know now that sells DE blades is the etos. gilled silver for 5 euro/10 :(.

    too bad.
  15. Gillette Silver are the worst blades ever.
  16. i did not try thw silver, its justthe only blades that i know off that are available local. i still have about 270 derby's in stock. just liked the fact that good blades were available ( i only found out AFTER buying the derby's). maybe we schould send an email to hema?
  17. I did just that but no reply so far.
  18. PM sent
  19. I sent an email to their customer service dept. yesterday too. No reply yet.

    The shaving products are still mentioned on their website, so maybe it's just a temporary situation. I hope :biggrin:
  20. Just checked the HEMA in the Kinkerstraat (Amsterdam) ... no DE blades to be found, and what's more worrisome, also no empty rack where they are supposed to be. I'll check a few filialen more tomorrow. So far this does not look promising.

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