Dull blades, or do I suddenly suck?

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  1. Hey guys. I started wet shaving in earnest after I got a tub of Proraso soap, Merkur 33, Tweezerman brush, and Big Ben blades for giftmas. I've been loving it and up until recently, I was getting a consistently pretty good shave. The first time it went wrong, I put in one of the two remaining fresh blades from the little sample pack of Big Bens, but somehow this seemed a lot duller. I just couldn't get much cut on my whiskers, which weren't very thick at all. I chalked it up to face-lathering instead of using a mug as usual.
    Next time, I tried another blade and used the mug to mix up a decent lather. Again, it was like trying to shave with the wrong end of a butter knife. Were these just two bad blades in a row? I don't think I've changed technique much if at all since I was getting a good shave. I'm going to be ordering some Shark Super Chromes soon, but if that doesn't fix it, I don't know what will.
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    Try a blade sampler pack. It takes some trial and error to find the perfect blade and razor combination that works for you. A sampler pack is an inexpensive way to try a variety of different blades before committing to a large bulk purchase. Many of our supporting B&B vendors have sampler packs available.
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    Never used BB blades before, actually this is the first that I have heard of them, so I can't tell if they are any good or not. Maybe a run with some more recognized blades could give you more consistent results.
  4. Don't get discouraged or give up hope! The same thing happened to me... and continues to happen when I buy new shaving toys to try.

    There are so many variables in how a blade responds to your face and shaving technique, especially if you're just getting into it. Sometimes the difference from shave to shave (same blade, same razor) is as simple as not maintaining a consistent blade angle. Using different creams also makes for different conditions. If I shave with Proraso cream, I find that Derby blades work great, but Bolazano and Feather were really rough. With a thicker richer cream like Trumper Coconut, I can use a Feather blade, but Derby barely shaves close at all. It's weird. But, like everyone says here on the forum, if you try a few things, you'll find a combination of hardware (razor/blades) and software (pre-shave/cream or soap/after shave) that really fits how you do things.

    I'm seconding the idea of a razor sampler pack. It's just a heck of a lot of fun to try different stuff. That's what makes wet shaving so much more fun and interesting, isn't it? I used to use the same razor and same shave cream every day for YEARS. It was really just a chore. Now, I look forward to shaving and enjoy the heck out of it.
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  5. as suggested get another pack of blades.
  6. I also wouldn't assume that it's the blade. I've noticed that my prep and technique sometimes wander a bit without my even really realizing it, generally depending on my mood, how much time I have, what is going on around me at the time, etc.... It's usually only after I hit a rough patch or nick myself a bit that -- if I have the presence of mind to reflect on it -- I realize that my prep and technique weren't really all that great.

    I've only been at this for a little over a month now, but honestly I can say so far that I haven't really had a bad shave yet that I can really blame on the arrow. So far, in one way or another, it has pretty much always been the Indian. Whether or not I realize the fault really depends on how much reflective thought I put into it.

    - Mark
  7. +1 for the sample pack.
  8. +1, lose the Big Bens. +1 on sample pack. Make sure you get a good ample of blades that are almost universally rated as good quality. It really is amazing that a blade can make such a difference as long as everything else is consistent.

    But as Mark said, your shave can very with your prep, lathering, and technique. We all get in a rush, have a bad day, maybe our skin has had some irritation, etc. Stay with good products, take your time, enjoy the ride and you will be OK.
  9. A bad blade or two is not a really common thing, but it does happen.

    +1 on that sampler pack. You need to try a variety of blades in order to find your own best.
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    Got throughthe first 100 out of 300 shark blades last Dec. Out of those I can say that at least 5 shaved very poorly. Like they were dull or uneven in the sharpness. I've put this down to just a few that have gotten through QC. Now well into the second hundred and so far this year had one dull blade straight from the pack so IMHO it can happen.
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