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  1. If I were in the market for a brush similar to the Duke 3 (particularly in density) but from a different manufacturer than Simpson, what would you guys recommend. I have a Duke 3 and love it but all of my other brushes I have made for myself. If I got the bug to buy another brush like the Duke 3, what would you guys recommend? I like to build lather in my scuttle. Thanks for the input.
  2. Duke 3 knots have varied a bit in recent years. Mine is a short lofted bulb shape whereas newer ones seem to be more fan shaped (but taller).

    So...what does yours look like? Pics?
  3. My Duke 3. About 2 months old. About 8-10 uses. I use it once a week, on average. I find the Duke to be very soft on the face with great backbone and is very dense.
    Side view


    TGN Finest XH knot on left, for comparison
  4. hon


    Go for X2L since you like to build lather in scuttle or get a Simpsons with taller handle.
  5. Thank you for the recommendation. My main concern is matching the Density of the Duke knot. Does the X2L knot feel as dense? I like the Emperor handle quite a bit.
  6. hon


    You can try the Fifty series if you want matching density of the Duke.
  7. Fantastic. Thank you very much. I love the density of the Duke 3 that I currently own.
  8. I have to say that my Rover 2 comes closest to the density of my Duke 3. And I think I like the rover handle better.
  9. Classic 2 if you want another Simpson.

    M&F Blonde Badger if you want a different maker's brush.
  10. While it's not quite as dense, it's softer and has fantastic backbone.

    I actually prefer the Thater to the Duke as it's quite a bit softer.

  11. A Simpsons 57 would be a great match. The knot has about the same specs and shape.


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