DuClaw .....chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Beer

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  1. Not sure I would dig this. But stranger things have happened.


    In recent years, American craft brewers have gotten more and more adventurous. And to show their creativity knows no bounds, the beer style known as the Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter is on tap lists at more than one U.S. brewery. But a truly exceptional example of the style comes from DuClaw Brewing in Abingdon, Maryland. Sweet Baby Jesus ($10) not only provides a creative name worth repeating, but also smells and tastes like a really great Reese Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. It's incredibly balanced so don't expect more of any element than the other. We know what we're having for dessert tonight.


  2. Sounds even weirder than some local stuff I had called Egg Roller - if you gave it to someone without telling them it was a beer they'd probably be wondering what was wrong with their chocolate milkshake
  3. Sounds disgusting, but still. **Wants some**
  4. $10 for a six-pack or each? Surely this is the price for a sixer.
  5. 1 22oz bottle probably.
  6. Saw this on tap at a bar near the Baltimore Inner Harbor. DuClaw is fairly prominent around here and I had seen this stuff in liquor stores before, so I tried it for the novelty of it.

    First sip was like "Hey, I can taste the chocolate and peanut butter." And that one sip was exactly how long the novelty lasted. After slogging through the rest of the glass, I cleansed the palate with a Natty Boh and went back to Fat Tires.
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    I'm writing this one down. I LOVE PB. So naturally a PB beer has to be amazing right?.....right?
  8. This beer is very good for what it is. I had it a beer festival. That being said, I wouldn't want to drink more than one in a sitting. Interesting, but it's not something you want a lot of.
  9. @Lucius: I've had exact same thoughts on Pumking from Southern Tier. Beautiful, but one was more than enough.
  10. Spring House Brewing Company out of Conestoga, PA (near Lancaster) also does a greeeaatttt PB chocolate stout. It's called Big Gruesome, many of their beers have a holiday/horror theme to them. They also do an amazing regular chocolate stout. They use real chocolate nibs from Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz, PA, and the quality shows through. The chocolate flavor seems so much deeper than other chocolate stouts I've had.

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