Dual head, twin blade DE razor from Russia

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  1. looks interesting. For the price, I'd take it for a spin...
  2. Just another solution to a problem that never existed, to begin with.
    In my opinion, just another novelty item.
  3. Thanks a lot. If you hadn't posted this I wouldn't have bought one. lol
    I always wanted a two bladed DE razor if they existed. Any other two bladed DE razors out there?
  4. So...a quadruple edge.
  5. Or a double edge cart? lol
  6. Is this what you are looking for nuclearblase?

    $IMG_20131224_163906.jpg $IMG_20131224_163916.jpg $IMG_20131224_163937.jpg $IMG_20131224_164005.jpg $IMG_20131224_164025.jpg
  7. Please let us know how you get on with it.
  8. Damn, that's cool.

    Check out this one:

  9. It has more parts than a nuclear submarine.
    p.s The entry indicates 25 sold, there should of been some reviews by now...
  10. dpm802

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    Twin blade DE razors have been around for years, and a number of manufacturers have produced them. But they never caught on with the mainstream, so they fell back into obscurity.

    You would think that a company like Gillette that is in business to sell blades would push hard to get us to use 2 or 3 or 4 DE blades with each shave. That would send their sales up.

    But if a razor with 2 DE blades doesn't produce a good shave, its not going to sell. And buyers will go back to using what works.
  11. I will let you all know how it shaves when it gets here. It shipped with tracking so maybe in two weeks or less (I think I had something shipped from Russia in about 8 days one time).
  12. The Grande version sure does look cooler than the compact.
  13. I have to agree. Not poo-pooing the OP. If it's something you're interested in, by all means go for it and let us know how it goes. I get phenomenal shaves with one DE or SE razor.

  14. Don't worry I just shared what I saw as a good B&B citizen.

    Personally, I find the prospect of having an affordable razor with safety bar and open comb more interesting than the twin blade option. I might order one soon but I would like to know if the geometry works out if only one blade is used. This should probably be done without the spacer which would be a shim on steroids.
  15. I couldn't agree more with you!
  16. This bit worried me a bit:scared:

    "Saiver ProfiMed" is recommended for use in medical or veterinary clinics (cleaning surgical site) or beauty salons. It can also be useful for shaving beard off. The materials are: ABS plastic, stainless steel and aluminum.

  17. No need to worry, DE razors are often used by veterinarians for shaving the part of the body they need to operate on, and such...
  18. I bought these (travel kit and OC/SB head version) in November 2013. Both heads needed tweaking (filing off 1/10 mm of the post in order the split upper blade would fit properly). They work just fine, but not great. They feel a bit like a cart (not really a surprise, huh?). A bit of pressure is needed and a one-pass shave leading to a decent shave is the norm, but BBS is not achievable with this razor, it is just too mild, or should I say fool-proof. I have used it wit Astra SP blades.

    The travel version has a very smart feature: a small recessed round nut holds the head assembled in the box, so one does not have to worry about how to store the blades in use while on a trip.

    Clogging (SB and OC version) is not worse than with most single-DE OC razor, that is, not a problem as (opposed to carts) one can disassemble the head to clean it.

    Assembling the razor is a bit finnicky as the upper blade (the one that goes in first) must be split, so there are three blade pieces going in (2 halves and one entirely), but once you figure out how to hold everything to assemble the head it's not a big deal. However, I prefer to use the non-travel version it with my iKon or Weber Bulldog handle rather than the very light original aluminum handle.

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