dry scalp leading to heavy dandruff

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  1. so, heres the story, i have very thick hair, and greasy skin on my face, but at the same time, my scalp seems to be very dry, could be becuase of my hair density,

    the thing is that i have alot fo scalp skin issues, and normal dandruff shampoo isnt working anymore, i was just wondering if anyone here knew some kind of product to control dry scalp ?
  2. I know that cutting out shampoos containing SLS, using shampoo only when it's necessary and generally washing my hair less often and sometimes even with just water helped me to get rid of some dry patches.

    However, if normal shampoos don't work for you, I would think you should see a dermatologist and get professional help.

    Best - MM
  3. I use Pashana Original Brilliantine (with oil) hair tonic and have noticed that my dandruff has disappeared since then. I just massage a few drops into my wet hair and scalp and that softens and moisturises the scalp nicely.

    Pashana also have an anti-dandruff shampoo but I haven't tried that.
  4. Dry flakes and dandruff aren't the same thing. Dandruff is a form of seborrhea and is what you have if your flakes are relatively large, flat, oily and off white. If that's what you have a shampoo like Nizoral used about three times a week is usually very effective.

    If what you have is simply a dry scalp and your flakes are fine, white, dry and powdery, a shampoo such as Head and Shoulders won't work for you. You might want to try something like this. If the air in your house is very dry a humidifier will also help as will not using too hot a water temp in the shower.
  5. Try SAStid (see link below) it is non-prescription, but more effective than shampoos. It contains 3% salicylic acid and 3% sulfur. You can also use it for your face. Keep in mind that the product can dry the skin quite a bit with daily use. You may want to use a conditioner after using this product, because it will dry out your hair.

    It can be hard to find on store shelves, but any pharmacy can get it for you, and save you the shipping cost of ordering online. It cost about $6 per bar and can last for a few months if you minimize the bar's exposure to water.

  6. Don't know if you figured out a good solution or not, but I have a pretty good/cheap remedy. I have extremely thick hair that would leave me susceptible to heavy flaking. After trying about every dandruff shampoo, I did some research and came across a home remedy. Apple Cider Vinegar. It doesn't smell all that great, but it works.

    Massage some in to your scalp and leave it in as long as possible before rinsing it out (you may need to rinse a few times to eliminate the smell). The vinegar tends to level out some pH inbalances and eliminates flaking. It took me about 4-5 uses to completely eliminate flaking. Believe me, when you put it on, you can feel it working.
  7. Once you have it dealt with on a chemical level a daily application of hair tonic, like Jeris or Lucky Tiger, briskly massaged into the scalp will keep you from general dry-skin flaking.

    I have 1/8 in long hair but I use the Jeris everyday and it has eliminated flaking from my scalp totally.
  8. Look at the active ingredient in your "regular" dandruff shampoos. Most likely it's pyrithione zinc, which is cheaper than the more effective selenium sulfide. I wound up having to go to a dermatologist who put me on prescription strength selenium sulfide shampoo (it helped LOTS for me), but you can still find regular shampoo with it...Selsun Blue still has 1% selenium sulfide. Alternatively, you could try Neutrogena TGel shampoo, which uses coal tar as its active ingredient (smells like a refinery, too). That stuff didn't help me as much as the selenium did tho.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I was actually diagnosed with sebhorragic dermatitis. I also have the oily skin, but my hair's fine and thinning (but Rogaine helps...heh) YMMV.
  9. Rather than new tech, you might consider one of the pine tar shampoos. My wife has psoriasis and uses Neutragena T-Gel. It is a more sophisticated pine tar. Health food stores and barbers may carry the more traditional types which work well but have a strong pine tar odor. I think my wife likes the T-Gel because it works and because they have managed to make pine tar smell almost good.


    I quit using head and shoulders types because the zinc made my scalp break out and have taken to using the store brand version of the T-Gel which costs half as much. Black shirts, no problem. Good luck
  10. I thought I had dandruff for years, I tried it all, Head and Shoulders, Denorex and Neutrogena. Loads more that I don’t remember the names. Nothing worked until I tried Kiehl’s All-Sport Shampoo. It’s formulated for people that wash their hair every day. I used this exclusively for a few weeks and the dandruff was gone and two years later never returned. I think my problem was that the chemicals in many shampoos were drying out my scalp. I know that Kielh’s is pricy but it lasts a very long time, since you use much less than other shampoos. If you have a Kielh’s store near you go and ask for samples they are very accommodating. I know that Nordstrom’s sells it but I am not sure it they have samples, they should.
    Check out this link to Kiehls. http://www.kiehls.com/_us/_en/hair/all-sport-everyday-shampoo.htm
  11. Sam


    I used Jeris this morning, the one without oil, and I can see where this would help. I dont know what the alcohol in it does, but it has glycerin and would remind you of a barbershop 40 years ago. I think it just would moisturize the scalp is what I think it might do
  12. +1 on the Neutrogena T- Gel. I use the generic version in the winters and it cleared up everything really quickly.
  13. I also have oily skin on my face, but used to have dandruff frequently. My hair stylist suggested I get a hand sized scalp massager(I don't know what the official name would be, it's flat, and has numerous rubber nubs.)

    Now, when I shampoo, I lather with the massager. I also brush my scalp vigorously twice daily. Since I started doing these two things, I have never needed a dandruff shampoo again. I don't know if this would work for anyone else, but it's cheap to try.

    Hope this helps.
  14. I use scalp oil.
  15. Sam


    I have psoriasis in the scalp and two things help: sunlight (Or tanning bed) and I am thinking that the Jeris hair tonic with its glycerin is moisturizing the dry scalp areas a bit
  16. To the people that use T-gel. I just tried it today and am wondering if you use anything afterward, such as a conditioner of some sorts. After I used only the T-gel and once my hair dried, my hair felt very thick and almost like there was a hair gel / spray in it. Suggestions?
  17. I don't know if my "method" is related to increased sunlight but I have noticed that when i cut my hair really short my scalp likes it ALOT better. It seems that when I have longer hair my scalp itches more and i tend to flake alot.
  18. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis about 12 years ago. Are there patches of your scalp that are affected or is it your whole scalp? If it's in patches, are the patches in roughly the same spot on the other side of your head? Best thing is to go to a Dermatologist.
    A couple of Over the Counter shampoos (at least in the US) you can try are:
    Nizoral (will get rid of fungi if that's the problem)
    Pine Tar Shampoo (like T-Gel)
    Salicylic Acid Shampoo (like T-Sal)
    If it is psoriasis, the doctor can give you a steroid or some other types of solutions to slow down the flaking.
    Also, the Dermatologist told me sunlight helps and it does in my case. He also said that's the only time you will hear a dermatologist say that.
  19. I followed this tip and on day two is seems to be working very well.
    I had been getting flakes ten minutes after I finished showering, it was terrible. None of the head and shoulders type ever worked.
    It's only been two days but I have been very happy with it so far, and for the store brand it only cost me $3.50.

    Thanks Mike!
  20. I haven't noticed this.

    I have the exact same experience.

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