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  1. I just got my tub of Dr. Selby and I wanted to share with you guys. This cream is a bit more popular in the Spanish forum foroafeitado.com ever since I saw Carlos Fregar's video Ive been wanting to try it out. Finally I have the chance to do so. can't wait for tomorrows shave.

    The tub is pretty nice its got a nice shape to it. It's a hard plastic kinda like TOBS container. The scent is also very nice. The cream states Lavender but It's unlike any lavender I've ever smelled. To me it smells like Fresh Green Herbs It's very nice smells refreshing and has a mild aroma..... Maybe they have different kinds of lavender in South America.

    The tub also sais that its a 3 times concentrated cream. Its very dense and firm, firmer than Italian soft soap. I guess they just don't add much water to it when they manufacture it.

    The back of the box states the following;

    Method of use

    1. Always leave the tub open and use the cap as a base. The reason is because Dr. Selby shaving cream (in the tub 3 times concentrated) will always have a dry surface and it will render 400 shaves. Only in case of travel cover the cream.

    2. Wet the brush, discharge the water over your face then swirl the brush in the tub as shown in the image. This way the cream will not get wet and it will not waste too fast.

    3. To multiply the cream production on your face. Wet the brush a little more and keep swirling until it turns creamy, compact with no air bubbles. ( I tried to translate as close as possible with out sounding too weird)

    Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Fragrance, CI 45350, CI 42015, CI 47005. Precautions: In case of irritation suspend its use. keep away from children.

    I will shave with it tomorrow and report ASAP:wink2:.


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  2. Ooh I can't wait to get mine! Green herbal scent sounds amazing.
  3. malocchio

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    sounds great...I like the shape of the tub.....400 shaves ? more than one years worth....that's why I mainly use tubed cream,you have greater chances to replenish your stock with more variety...
  4. What other soap or cream is it most similar to in performance?
  5. Today's shave was exceptionally great. Dr. Selby cream behaves very well. I used it as the instructions state. The cream was very thick, slick, air free and best of all smelled great. I think you can easily compare this cream to The Italian palmolives and TOBS. I see this stuff lasting a very long time. I hate creams and soaps that are airy this one doesn't disappoint one bit. Did I mention that it smells great!


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  6. First shave in was pretty damn good. The scent right out of the box reminded me of canned shaving foam...but luckily I like that scent. Once it's lathered, it's much more herbal. I agree with Altair- I'm not getting much Lavender out of it, but I'm certainly not complaining.

    I used the Italian Barber method, as opposed to the written instructions. Almost dripping wet boar, lathered on top of the puck until a beautiful lather formed up. FWIW, I almost exclusively use tallow-based soaps....this stuff puts many of them to shame in the slickness department. It wasn't a perfect lather, but for a first try it was terrific. Luckily, I already have a backup puck, so I have 799 more shaves to get it right!
  7. "Lavender" always means irritation for me, but I can still feel the "newly discovered cream AD" itch already

  8. Who knows if it even has a lot of lavender in it. From what I have read it's got other scents in there. I believe they just decided to call it Lavender but to me it smells like CARDAMON. Its got a bit of a Menthol Scent to it. but no menthol kick. I think youll enjoy it.

    Today was my 4th shave with it and its a very good product. for the money it cant be beat.
  9. Love the stuff! Had it for the last month and half. Stuff lathers like a dream for me. I had MdC but then sold if off b/c i hated the smell. This stuff lathers like MdC for me and I love lavender.
  10. My bowl of DR. S. came today. Surprisingly, the consistency is somewhat malleable if you press your thumb into it. From the pics people have posted I expected something more like a hard triple milled soap. I'm not complaining though. I'll give it a run tomorrow. Out of the bowl it doesn't really smell like lavender.

  11. yeah if you press hard on it will will give way. Like it states on the box, its a 3x concentrated cream. Not a soap. It's really good.
  12. So more along the lines of Castle Forbes or Proraso in the tub?

    I ordered one. Damn SCAD. I thought it was dead.
  13. About the same consistency as Proraso, yeah. Or maybe QCS croaps.

    If it makes you feel better, Kevan, this stuff is amazing and you won't regret it one bit.
  14. Even the tub is nice. I think its like a bakelite. the crest on top looks very cool. I reminds me of something out of the 1920's
  15. That's what struck me when I first saw a picture of it. It's got that fluted-ridge design that, along with the colour and material, evokes something from your grandma's house. It's not especially attractive from a modern standpoint, but it is what it is, and it certainly fits the 'old timey shave' look of which we're so fond.
  16. That bowl looks like it would crack in half with a little inadvertent judo chop to the rim.

    And the lather is fluorescent greenish?
  17. The bowl is no different from the plastic constructed bowls of Proraso, Omega, Fitness, Erasmic, Prep, et. al. I highly doubt it's fragile.
  18. Used it this morning. Once lathered the scent is a mild herbal type fragrance
    that I get little if any lavender from. This really is a concentrated cream...the lather is
    much more like cream than a typical soap...very creamy and cushiony. First pass was a little rough because I
    Needed more water. This stuff is very concentrated and a little thirsty after loading on
    the brush. The bowl isn't as flexible as a proraso or razorock bowl
    but shouldn't break as long as you are careful with it. Overall, I'd recommend this
  19. The first time I saw that bowl, I was a goner. Gotta have it. That's what we're here for, right?
  20. Hi Lando,

    The lather is slightly green in the beginning but quickly changes to white as you lather. I used this brush with it this morning again: http://t.co/fvqVwa7B. Great smell in the morning ;).


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