Dr. Pepper Ten..."Not for Women" :-(

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  1. I saw this commercial a few times and wondered what Dr. Pepper was trying to say and sell with their ad ..."It's Not for Women"?

    Are they trying to say that other soft drink companies are not 'manly and macho' enough?

    Sounds to me as being pretty chauvinistic and a bit narcissistic. Do they really think this line of thought will improve their 'bottom line'?

    What are your thoughts? [​IMG]

    [​IMG] "[SIZE=-1]Without a [Dr. Pepper]...life is unthinkable". Henry Miller[/SIZE]
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  2. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    Dr.Pepper has 23 flavours?? :eek2:
  3. I think it's just marketing trying to have people talking about it. Seems like an extension of the Old Spice ads, trying to play up manliness in a ridiculous fashion. Nothing to even look twice at, at least to me.
  4. When the commercial first came out, I did a lot of Googling because I was sure there would a lawsuit or something from some feminist group right around the corner, but according to what I read, in studies completed by Dr. Pepper, women had no problem with this marketing. While this might be overdoing it, remember, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, etc. are the direct result of men not wanting to drink a diet drink. I still think that the best-tasting diet drink is Diet Dr. Pepper, though. To me, it tastes almost like regular Dr. Pepper.
  5. I thought it was funny that they were directly targeting only half the population, seems silly to me, but if it works for them then so be it.
  6. Isaac

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    As much as i LOVE Dr. Pepper, I refuse to purchase it after the corporation closed down Dublin Dr. Pepper.
  7. It's all over the top, tongue in cheek campaign. These days you have to keep coming out with something, if only to get people talking. Mission accomplished.
  8. M80

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    girls should drink girls drinks.
  9. Similar to old Yorkies commercials.
  10. The ladies can always drink Irn Bru. Safe for women of all genders...
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  11. Andy

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    They closed it down??? :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:

    That was the best Dr.Pepper of all time..........
  12. It's for Women!!! My girlfriend got me drinking it! It's good stuff.
  13. The fact that you opened this thread shows their marketing idea is working.
    The advert is OTT and most people, including women, will realise that this is meant to be funny, not chauvinistic.
  14. Yep, they sure did- two week after I last visited the town. They claim they will still produce it, but won't call it "Dublin Dr. Pepper". I am dubious.
  15. Yeah, I immediately just labelled the new Dr. Pepper campaign as a copy of the Yorkie ad strategy.
    Think of it as direct advertising to men and reverse psychology advertising to women.

    Remember, don't feed the birds:lol:




  16. That is a serious bummer. My wife and I had the pleasure of going there a few years ago. It was the best. Our nephew wanted to tour it as a summer vacation destination too.
  17. Still make a imperial sugar version in Temple. Dublin factory still making some sodas last I heard.
  18. Warning, I'm an Advertising major, so I've talked about this a lot.

    They are attempting to break the idea that diet type drinks are for women, it's a general thought by many men backed up by focus groups and studies. Now, tehy ahve generated a massive buzz about the campaign, and even better, tons of women are talking about it too. The best part is the women who say "I'm gonna drink it anyway just because they said I couldn't" boom. They've got a sale on the side they didnt even market to.

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