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  1. Is the DR. Harris Arlington really that good of a soap/cream? I've heard great reviews and also heard you want find a better lather from a soap or a cream? If not can anyone else recommend something better or equal too?
  2. Is the DR. Harris Arlington really that good of a soap/cream? Yes

    If not can anyone else recommend something better or equal too? No

    As always YMMV. Arlington may or may not be for you. However it's been widely acclaimed for a long time and IMO, falls into the category of soaps that everyone should try once.
  3. You owe it to yourself to try at least one offering from Harris.
  4. I agree with that. And use it for several days. I have a bad habit of trying something and posting about it after one use, and then I change my mind, almost radically. I did not get the Harris love on my first try, but I do now. I suggest you use a damper brush than you are used to and load it for a full minute first couple times, use the stopwatch on your smart phone and really load it. You'll get why it is so highly thought of and you can cut down on use of product later as you get used to it.

    Can you find other stuff as good? Certainly, D.R. Harris is not the world's Uber-Soap by any stretch. But it is very, very good stuff, indeed. I think like other classics--Proraso, Cella--everyone should try a Harris soap once. I do not feel that way about other English soaps, just so you know. I love Taylor's creams but their soap, IMHO, cannot hold a candle to Harris. Hope you like it!

    P.S. And it is not just my opinion ... in a wildly idiosyncratic activity like this I am amazed at the near unanimity on this forum about D.R. Harris being THE premiere English soap. That does not happen with many products.
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  5. I'm a big fan of D.R. Harris Arlington - I like the scent (and so does my wife) and the way the soap lathers. It isn't the cheapest stuff around, and you will probably find cheaper items that work as well (I use C.O. Bigelow cream in a rotation with the Arlington) but I am happy with it.
  6. DRH is my favorite soap. After buying Arlington, I bought the other 4. A refill puck can be had for $15-20 and they last a long time so the per-shave cost is quite reasonable.
  7. Love my D.R. Harris lavender shaving soap! Great lather, scent, and clean face-feel!
  8. Harris is excellent. Period.
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    I haven't used their creams. But the soaps are top notch performers and smell wonderful, too.
  10. great soap!
  11. I have tried, still have, and like a few soaps/creams made by TOBS, GFT, T&H, CF, Penhaligon's, but DRH are above everything else - top performers and refined scents. I love Marlborough, Windsor, Arlington, and Almond in this order. The only two I like equally are MWF and Tabac.
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    The Harris soaps are excellent. Since they're triple-milled and therefore pretty dense/hard, you may have to spend a little more time loading than you would with a softer soap. With regular use the puck will soften on its own and happily yield its lightly scented contents to your brush.

    FWIW: this might be the perfect time of year to pick up a puck of Arlington.
  13. I have DRH Arlington, Marlborough, and Windsor. I love all three of them! I get some of the best shaves from their soap. And the scents are exceptionally good (especially Arlington).
  14. Yes, one advantage to the soaps (so I've heard, because I have not been through an entire puck yet) is that they last a very long time.... so as one member pointed out above, the cost per shave is rather small. There are a few soaps out there that are equal IMO. Tabac, Irisch Moos, MWF, Calani, MdC, Klar Seifen, Panna Crema and Mike's Natural Soaps to name a few that I've tried..... but I don't think any of these are particularly better than D.R. Harris.

  15. By the way, it's not Doctor Harris. It's D.R. Harris.

    Carry on.
  16. Well, have to chime in and agree that DRH are top notch soaps. I prefer the Lavender and the Arlington scents in their product line.
  17. Thanks for the replies guys!
  18. Harris makes great soaps. I'm relatively new to wet shaving, but I've tried my fair share of soaps - and I find that my best, most consistently good shaves come from my Harris pucks. (Although the Mike's Natural soaps I recently bought are pretty close to Harris for my #1 choice).
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    DR Harris=Excellent!

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