Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap - A Very Pleasant Surprise!

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  1. I was running out of hand soap for my bathroom sink, so I decided to buy some Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (Lavender). Anyone who grew up in the hippie generation knows Dr. Bronner's pure castile liquid soaps, and they remain quite popular in natural food stores, etc.

    Well, this morning I had my shaving brush in hand and was about to reach for my D.R. Harris (Lavender) bowl. But then, I decided to give the Dr. Bronner's a try. The brush lather was foamy but thin, but I thought it still would be worth trying in combination with my Merkur HD. What a surprise! Thin though it was, the lather provided an exquisite lubricant for my blade! It was far better than those lubricant strips common on today's multi-blade razor heads. This became a luxury shave with very little effort.

    Afterward, my brush rinsed-out well, and it retains a nice hint of authentic lavender. Also, the soap left my face smooth and invigorated. - So, how about that?!

    I plan to shave with Dr. Bronner's soap every so often, because it seems to have cleaned away some of the fat build-up from traditional shaving soaps such as D.R. Harris.

    I wonder how it will work with a Rolls Razor...my next experiment!


  2. While Bronners is a fantastic soap (i have a bottle in my shower at all times) I dont think that I would try shaving with it. It is so thin. Congrats on trying something and having it work out for you. Maybe I'll give it a try for giggles.
  3. Dr. Bronners rocks! But I tried it for shaving and it was too thin for me. Glad it's working for you though. I too keep a bottle of the liquid soap in my shower and a bar at my sink. Good stuff. Even though I'm no lover of hippies.....grin

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    I used the Bronner's Peppermint soap on camping trip once and tho it was a thin lather it worked surprising well.
  5. Did you use just Dr. Bronners? Try superlathering it with the DR Harris.

    Everyone here says to steer clear of olive oil soaps for shaving so I'm surprised you had a good experience.
  6. I'm glad it worked for you. I tried it a few times in the past without much luck - though, I may not have had a brush, then! If I get some again, I might revisit it out of curiosity; sounds like you found a nice little winner for yourself.
  7. So I have always felt that I have suffered from sensitive skin and have blamed a lot of my problems with skin condition on that. I always had a problem with acne as a teen and adult mostly on my back and chest. I had tried many different soaps, detergents, cleansers etc to no avail. I recently switched to Bronners (I am 30) and I have never had clearer skin. I was worried about trying some different soaps like XXX and MB Dragon's Blood that many people have had problems with but have seemed to have fewer problems than most.

    This has made me somewhat confused about what I thought about sensitive skin. I think the big problem I have had has been artificial and chemicals (I realize that technically water is a chemical but I mean more lab created chemicals). I have even tried some bar soaps from Burt's Bees and Speick (I love the smell of that) but start breaking out the same day I use it.

    In short, I love Dr. Bronners and find that it lathers like mad in the shower but have not yet tried shaving with it. I have plenty of options to try so it will probably be low on my list unless I feel frisky one morning but I will keep it in mind.

    Thank you for posting your review/findings.
  8. Thanks for that suggestion about super-lathering; I'll give that a shot as well!


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