Dr. Bronner's Magic Shaving Soap Gel

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  1. I've mixed this in to my rotation with my DE shaving, and I really enjoy it. It has organic fair trade ingredients, and the peppermint/spearmint is super cool on the skin, especially after my second lathering to shave ATG. The skin also feels cool to the touch for a while after shaving too! You should use it with a brush, because it's pretty weak on the lather side, and reapplication will likely be necessary throughout your shave. I picked it up at Henry's Farmers Market here in La Quinta, CA, but you can get all of their scents on at http://www.practicalorganic.com/. I'm curious if anyone else has used their products and what you think about them.


  2. Years ago there was a Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, the bottle had small print giving instruction on the many supposed uses for that liquid soap. IIRC it had to be diluted in order for it to be used. It did work on what I used it for, but it was very expensive (for 1985 or so).
  3. That soap still exists in natural type markets and such MH.

    I have a friend who always has to "try it for himself". Well he was using the Dr Bronners soap as shaving lubricant or however he was using it. He says that's one of the uses on the bottle. I'd been telling him about KMF which was right around the corner (we go to the same store) on the endcap from DrB. He tried it and thinks it's light years ahead of the DrBs soap.

    I'm very leery of any shaving product of DrBs. I've seen that product, but after DrBs packaging saying that the soap can be used as shaving soap (it's the pits) I don't trust it.

    Where is Olive Oil in the ingredient list?
  4. Yeah, Henry's is actually a health(ier) food store as well, not an actual farmer's market.

    Olive Oil is 5th on the list, but to humor you, these are all the ingredients, in order: Organic Sucrose*, Organic White Grape Juice, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Shikakai Powder, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Corn Starch, Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Spearmint Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.
    *Certified Fair-Trade Ingredients
    **None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin

    It isn't the best lather IMO, but it works if you re-apply as needed. The minty cool scent and feeling is pretty nice. Plus, you could probably eat the stuff, which is certainly better than ingredients in other products.

  5. Cheap but not great. Suggest KMF.
  6. The reason I asked, if Olive Oil is found near the top of the list of oils/fats it pretty much indicates a low performing shaving soap. That's just the characteristic of Olive Oil in soap.

    Someone who knows soaps better than I do should chime in here. It looks like it's high up on the list of saponified oils, but I'm just guessing.
  7. Interesting about the olive oil. I am really a newbie when it comes to this stuff, and my only other soaps/creams in the rotation are the Van der Hagen (puck that came with my mug/brush/stand set), Taylor of Old Bond Street (tub of cream, very nice!), and the Dr. Bronner's. I can see myself going out and spending a bunch of money on more soaps or creams, but I'll probably ride out what I have so I don't get addicted to buying more things! On a side note, a buddy of mine who I bought a tube of DB for, mixed it with his T&H, and enjoyed the coolness the DB added to the experience. He's now thinking of mixing it with Proraso on the next shave.

  8. Ok, my final thought on this is it makes a great additive to another cream or soap, but by itself, it just doesn't cut the mustard. I even prefer my Van der Hagen shave soap over it.
  9. Am I the only one that thinks it's weird for shaving cream to be labeled as fair trade?

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