Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap as shampoo

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  1. I have seen that a few users do actually use Dr. Bronner's castile soap as a shampoo. Does it really work? I mean, does it really clean your hair?

    And what about Dr. Wood liquid soap? It seems just the same, but costs less.
  2. I've only used the peppermint a couple times, but my hair felt clean to me. I bought a travel size bottle to try it out, but I plan to use it up once the warm weather comes. I liked it as a body wash and shampoo.
  3. I've been using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint liquid soap as my only shampoo for perhaps 20 years now, and I can tell you that, yes, it's a quite good shampoo. It can be a bit drying for your hair though, so I've lately taken to adding a bit of glycerin to it when I dilute it to use. Works for me...
  4. I havent used it as hair shampoo but I do use it as body wash. I think its very good. I like it because its a natural soap. I use kiss my face shampoo. no SLS

    most soaps,shampoos, body washes are all the same they use SLS its a chemical that makes suds and cleans.

    I guess its the same stuff they use in all kinds of surface de greasers too.
  5. I use Dr. B's about 90% of the time as a body/face soap, and maybe 50% of the time as shampoo. As Wingnut said, it can dry the hair some, but nothing too big. Lately I've only been using the unscented version, but as soon as summer weather shows up I'll pull out the peppermint.

    BTW... I use a 1 part water to 1.5 parts Dr. B's soap, then fill it into an old bottle of one of those self foaming pump things that seem to be more and more popular. Works great. 3-4 pumps covers the hair and face, 7-10 pumps onto a scrubby wash cloth thing gets the rest. I like the foaming dispenser since the soap is very thin on it's own. I think the dispenser helps control the amount used.
  6. Funny that people say it's drying. I use it on my hair and it makes my hair feel 1/2 or 3/4 washed. What I mean by that is that it doesn't get as dry as when I use other shampoos. Cleaner than just a rinse with water, but more natural oils than when using shampoos. I guess it varies person to person. I like it a lot, cause all I need in the shower is one big bottle for everything.
  7. I use it all the time for washing every bit. If I'm eating a super-lean diet, I don't have oily hair and the soap can be drying on the hair/scalp, so I'll use a smidgen of (usually hotel-liberated) conditioner here and there. If it's winter and I'm stocking up on bacon and eggs, no worries!
  8. I use Dr Wood, also from time to time for my hair. Works fine.
  9. I do have oily scalp with dandruff, so if Dr. Bronner's soap dries hair a little, in my case is also desired. I'm thinking using the Tea Tree version as it fights dandruff very effectively. At the moment, I'm using a tea tree shampoo but it still has surfactants and degreasers which cause hair to be all oily next day after washing.
  10. I've done some research about washing hair with soap (castile or not). The problem is that soap by nature is alkaline (usually with a pH around 9), and the scalp and hair is usually at 7. The vinegar rinse will fix the issue, by lowering the pH due its acid nature. And with hard water the problem is even bigger, because soap will have trouble to foam and creates scum.
    Also the drying feeling is caused by the hair's cuticle being up.
  11. I have used the peppermint liquid soap as a shampoo 1 time . FYI , I have very very very oily skin , and this soap had my hair so dry after my shower my scalp was itching like crazy from being sooooo dry . SO if you do want to use this as a shampoo you for sure need to hit up your hair with some conditioner or prepare to itch like crazy . as always YMMV
  12. It works fine as a shampoo, i need something else for my dandruff, but if you just need nice clean hair than it's a good way to go.
  13. When dealing with soaps, they're not all equal. Rather than focusing on PH levels take a look at the ingredients. For shampoos you want to avoid Coconut Oil & Palm Kernel oil in soaps as they will actually strip your hair and scalp because they are too cleansing. A true Castille is 100% Olive Oil, no other oils added (those are called Bastille soaps) will not dry out your hair. It's the original baby soap and baby shampoo because of how mild it is. You're not going to get much lather, but you will get nice hair. There are a lot of good shampoos out there that don't contain any surfactants or SLS and that would be what I would recommend you look for....


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